How can I get my landlord to LISTEN?

How can I get my landlord to LISTEN? Topic: How to write a money order for rent
July 19, 2019 / By Nevada
Question: When we tell her about things that need to be done she just doesn't answer or changes the subject. We have tried to be nice and not go to the housing authority here because we don't want to start anything. Our heat bill jumped 60 dollars between November and December. I keep it at 68 or we freeze. I have all available blankets on the beds and we wear pants, socks, slippers and jackets all day. Plus we have all hard floors to top it off. The windows all need to be checked and sealed along with all the doors. I am renting and therefore do not want to be pouring OUR money into the place. What can we do? We have offered to do the labor for things that need to be done. Like lawn care. But my husband decided it wasn't worth it since she doesn't seem to care. We were told in the beginning we would get reimbursed HALF whatever it took to make the lawn look like the rest around here, well maintained. Also the floors in the kitchen are warped and buckling and we told her the same thing. The house was for sale when we found it, but it had sat for so long because the price was high, so she decided to rent it. Her mother OWNS the house but since she is a real estate agent she runs the crap for her. I don't want to go to the housing authority, that is a last resort. We live on a limited income and qualified for an Energy Assistance Check In February. But since the gas is still in her mom's name I can't use that money for it. I will be seeing her today to pay the rent and will email her before I go and verbally repeat the questions about insulation. Thanks for all the replies!
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Kimberley Kimberley | 3 days ago
a land lord is not responsible for your heat bill. there are minimum standards that a house must meet in order to be rented (not in all states though). getting nasty with the land lord may back fir on you, so you should really try to avoid doing that. you cannot force any thing to be done. as far as fixing the "problems" your self and billing the land lord goes.....that is usually called vandalism by a landlord and may resuly in your eviction. dont "fix up" the house unless the land lord says you can. dont expect to get credit for any thing unless you have a written agreement. in the future, consult with the utilities providers to see what it takes to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter before renting a house. Possum
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Humbert Humbert
You haven't specified what you have talked to her about other than the windows. She obviously does not care about what you spend for heating, only what she would spend to fix the place up. I assume you have a lease. If you like living there, tell her you are upset because when you rented her place you expected a reasonable amount of maintenance and care. To caulk windows is a very inexpensive thing to do. To have your tenants move constantly eats your profit up. Ask her why she is not fixing the windows. Explain to her you will move when your lease is up unless she maintains the property and then do so. You do know the price of untilities has jumped enormously. Be sure it's just not the fact that it has gotten colder. Ask neighbors about their bills. Would you do the caulking if she bought the stuff needed. Another thought! LOL
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Ernie Ernie
You'll have to go to her and tell her that if she doesn't make an effort to fix the problems you will have to call housing authority. If she blows you off, or ignores you, then go ahead and do it. You did your part by explaining what needs fixing and it is HER responsibility to do it, not yours. Keep in mind that she is not renting to you just because she wants to be a nice person....she is running a business to make money, and that's the bottom line. Check the state's guidelines for building codes that must be kept in a rental agreement, print them out, highlight them and send them to her. If her buildings are not up to code, then she needs to make repairs. You have been patient enough with her; now is the time to stand your ground. You could even offer a deal to her by making the repairs yourself in exchange for the money you spend to be taken off the cost of rent (that's what my husband and I do). If you DO make repairs yourself, have her sign written consent for you to do so, and keep all your reciepts (make copies for your own record, and give her the originals....she may need the original ones when it comes time to do her taxes - she'll get credit for them). You don't have to be a monster to her, but she's apparently avoiding the subject. If she changes the subject, you need to change it back. And remember...never sign anything without reading it first, and always get it in writing. Good Luck!
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Colton Colton
You are well within your right (but read your lease to determine fix it things) to write a letter to the landlord and whatever the terms are, if they do not respond, in most cases you can do the repairs as a tenant and the landlord should credit you with your rent for those repairs, seeing that they are necessary, and do not cost outrageous amounts of money. Let them know that you would like them to respond within 10-14 days to the problem, provide proof that there is a problem, and read up on local landlord/tenant legalities and then let your landlord know that you know your rights. Something can be done, and they do need to fix necessary repairs.
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Ariel Ariel
If you have a lease, check to see if you can make repairs and deduct it from the rent. Some small winterization moves on your part would probably pay for themselves in reduced heating costs. You really don' t have a choice if you aren't prepared to go the full legal route. If you can't get her to listen try a certified letter expressing your concerns and that will have to move if your needs aren't met in some way. Just make sure you document your efforts and keep copies.
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