Guys girls anybody really?

Guys girls anybody really? Topic: Duck homework
June 24, 2019 / By Nevil
Question: So I am a freshman in highschool. And there's this guy I think is cute. I would always look at him but I then stopped so he wouldn't think I was creepy. But he would stare at me back. Then he stopped when I stopped. We've made eye contact like 2 or 3 times. And just yesterday I was outside of class getting my homework out because we get it checked as we go in and it was just me then I see him coming and he stood right next to me against the wall. It was all quiet and it was just us with 2 other people but they weren't by us.. So he said ..um..what was the homework? And then I showed him and told him what it was. But right after that my friend pulled me away .. Can he be interested? Idk. I'm worried he might have a gf but I don't see him with any girls at all during the morning,lunch, or after school. Someone told me they saw him laying kinda by some girl at some scary movie night . But the girl might of not even been with him just happen to be by him. Idk please answer! Thank you! What should I do an is he interested?
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Kingsley Kingsley | 5 days ago
omg, I can just tell what kind of idiotic girl you are. I mean, come on...you made your avatar on yahoo answers have a duck face. Obviously, this kind of behavior isn't new to you.
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Kingsley Originally Answered: Do girls like guys to be jerks to them? or did i just run into 2 weird girls?
It's a law that people want things they cannot have. Being a jerk=I'm not interested=I want you more. Just think of two equally hot girls. One writes you love letters and one pretends you don't exist but you catch her making smart-assed remarks to you. Which would you choose? Also, bitchiness/*********/being a jerk=confidence. Later in life you will learn that these things actually equal insecurity, but everyone loves confidence and THAT is what your jerkiness amounts to. Aaaaaand not to be a *****, but pick the freshman. she's more likely to be insecure enough to give you head in exchange for a ride home from school.
Kingsley Originally Answered: Do girls like guys to be jerks to them? or did i just run into 2 weird girls?
Some girls feel that men who are jerks are more of a challenge. As if they can "fix" whatever is making him act that way. Some girls are really stupid!
Kingsley Originally Answered: Do girls like guys to be jerks to them? or did i just run into 2 weird girls?
no dont be a jerk. you probably think your being a jerk but it flirting. but to tell you the truth some girls do like to be mistreated and i agree it is weird. that is how my friend is.

Humphry Humphry
I don't mean to sound rude or anything. But you're obviously way too young to be looking for a boyfriend if you're freaking out like this over a guy who asked you about your homework! Guys like the chase! Let him come after you! Guys like girls who don't notice them. Act like you don't care. Don't be all jumpy, and excited every time the boy decides to look up. Just stop. Play it cool. Act as if you don't even notice him. Then he'll be like "did she see me?" Play it cool, be calm. Guys hate girls who obsess over them and girls to freak out about the most simple stuff. I know this because I was that girl. It won't make him like you more. Don't give him so much attention, it will only boost his ego, and he'll think he has a chance with other girls because YOU think he's perfect and you keep obsessing over a simple glance, and when he asks you about homework. And he could also just look at you as a friend. Don't show him that you're obsessed with him, because if he doesn't have feelings for you, he'll probably freak out and try to avoid you. So you may lose him as a friend. So watch yourself. Don't mess up. Play it cool. Act calm. Don't show so much interest. Show as much as interest as he does for you. My dad always told me that when you like some one and you're not dating then you need to play it cool. He would always say "The person you like is like your shadow. Run towards it, it runs away from you. Take a step back from it, it takes a step towards you." Right now that guy is your shadow. Don't run towards him, you'll push him away. Let him follow you! Good luck!
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Humphry Originally Answered: GIRLS.How do you get a girls number who works at a restaurant? Guys can answer too. 10 points best answer?
My answer is quite long.. but if u read it to till the end and follow all the steps, u must be able to solve the problem Its better u as her for her number than obtaining her number from someone else..(girls dnt like it) well just talk to her specially if you are alone (Better don't take your friends along when u r going to approach her for the first time). don't be shy. First talk about general stuff like for example "The weather is great today..." then u may probably tell her that u would like to have a part time job in a restaurant.. and ask her opinion about how it is (If its cool or boring?) Then ask for her name.. (don't ask how old she is now) Talk a little bit about yourself Before u leave ask for her number..don't give yours (just to make her miss u a little bit) call her at night just to say that u have her number but you forgot to give her yours.. u will get to know each other then ask her about her age
Humphry Originally Answered: GIRLS.How do you get a girls number who works at a restaurant? Guys can answer too. 10 points best answer?
First I'd say u guys get to know each other a little more aha. But yea make her laugh why'll ur ordering, look for signs that he likes u, nf make sure she's reachable, as in boyfriend or not? Ask her when she gets off on her break that is if u can tell that she likes u, so that way it won't seem weird or creepy in the end. Then that's where u get to know her a little but more nf then in the middle ask for her number on a high note where u get her to laugh. Or u could just oder something then be like this is the wrong order nf walk up to her nd have the recipe saying number? If she likes u then u got it. Or u could some how find out when she gets off n happen to walk in on her leaving then bump into her and then be like so nd so the cashier? Shell be like yea, then be like u know u have the most amazing eyes I've ever seen or something like that. Compliment her on how she looks. Then say so what's ur schedule look like this weekend? U wanna hang out? If she says yea then get her number if she says no then say some other time then nd then drop it walk away head up high. Coke back the next day nd order again don't say anything till like 3 days and then try again in a different way. Practice makes perfect thou. Try but not everyday. Good luck :)

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