Neighbor is always hitting my car? what can i do?

Neighbor is always hitting my car? what can i do? Topic: A research report template
June 24, 2019 / By Newton
Question: Ok first let me be honest and say my car already has previous scratches in other places so just keep that into consideration as you read, but although my car has scratches already thats never ok to go ahead and let someone continue to do more. I live in an apartment, about 3 weeks ago another neighbor of mine told me that the girl who parks next to me hit my car as she tried to park in. When I told the manager, he checked on the camera and it confirmed. Today, that same neighbor (because he's always fixing his car in the parking structure of our apartment) said again, she hit my car. Said this time she drove fast trying to fit herself in, hit my car and made a mark on the bottom left side of my back bumper, its not a big thing that I could say I would go crazy for but its definitely the principle of it. I already a couple days ago confronted her about when I heard the first time, she of course denied, and I calmly told her she would obviously deny, but let her know management had seen the video. And told her to please be careful next time when she just goes in because its obviously not right what she's doing. I was planning on going online to research what exactly I could do about it if she did it again, and she didn't even give me enough time, she already did. So now I am asking whoever has knowledge of this type of situation please let me know what I can do because I'm sure as you know this is really getting to me and no ones likes their car to get hit. Please help!
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Kirk Kirk | 9 days ago
if someone hits your car call the police. make a report. go to a repair shop. find out how much it would cost to fix the damage. get estimates from at least three reputable shops then either make the repairs yourself and sue her for the damages you sustained or sue her without making the repairs for the damages you sustained. your city should have some type of tort action template form available at your county courthouse...maybe called a small claims form. Get one...fill it out. compile your evidence (video, witness, police report, three estimates, etc) and prepare for trial or if you're smart file for summary judgment and include your evidence, affidavits and avoid trial and have judgment issued and damages awarded. Then garnish the wages of the person. Before you sue, find out where they work or where they bank or what they own in the event you really want your money and not just a judgment. Or you could hire a couple local thugs and have them blow her car up or steal it, rob a bank with it and park it back in the same location and let her deal with the drama that eventually will come.
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Hyram Hyram
call your insurance company and tell them of the situation and ask what to do. They don't want her hitting your car. Also contact a lawyer
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