My lease is up do I still need to write a letter stating that I am not renewing?

My lease is up do I still need to write a letter stating that I am not renewing? Topic: Write letter of termination
June 25, 2019 / By Nic
Question: My lease is up at my apartment at the end of Nov. I am not renewing and I need to give 60 days notice. Do I need to write a letter telling them that? Or could I just go tell them? I know you write a letter of early lease termination, but what do I do in this situation?
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Kit Kit | 10 days ago
I would write down a notice of move out. I would date it and make a copy and ask that the manager initial that they received it and date it. Keep that copy so that if they "forget" and say you did not give notice you will have proof that you did.
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If someone uses my address to get mail is "almost" the same as if he was living with me. USPS will testify to it. How come he didn't get a PO Box? How come he didn't use his address, a friend, etc. ? You see it it looks bas it may smells bad. You are not divorced and he is using your address. You are getting assistance because of your income and he is living with you? Does he have a lease contract at another place? If you ask me is best if you move out before it gets ugly Good luck

Ibri Ibri
The less that you say the better. You just simply need to say that Date: Their address: I, (your name), will Not be renewing the agreement (Title of Agreement) dated on (Agreement date) between (their name) and (your name). Make sure that you sign and date your letter. You may want to hand deliver it. I would send it certified. If you send it certified, send another copy Not certified.
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Esmund Esmund
if the lease says that you need to give 60 days notice, than do so. i would tell the landlord, as well as sending a certified letter w/ return receipt to your landlord. this covers you in case they get amnesia about whether you informed them or not about your intent to not renew. always send a letter because the rule of thumb is...if there is no letter, it didn't happen as far as the law is concerned. phone calls mean nothing.
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Conor Conor
Write the letter. It covers you if there is any question about it, or if the lease has an "automatic renewal" clause in it. It is also a courtesy, as it reminds the landlord that the lease is up, lets him know your intent, and allows him to begin the task of finding a new leasee for the apartment. You can not lose by writing the letter.
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Arnie Arnie
If it says 60 days then you need to give 60 days written notice. Not only to protect you but to protect the leasing company. If you do not put it in writing, they will assume you automatically renew and may run into a problem. Bottom line, read your lease and do what it says.
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Ulrica Ulrica
Call the landlord and remind them that your lease is up soon and you do not plan to renew. Ask them what they need from you as far as anything written. Some leases automatically renew each year if you do not let them know that you are leaving. Usually a good landlord will give you a 'heads-up' that your lease is almost over and they will ask you to sign a letter of intent. To cover yourself, you can write up your own letter and let them know your plans of not renewing.
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Sarahjeanne Sarahjeanne
It's usually best to provide written notice within 30 days of the termination of any contract. Regardless of the term of the contract coming due or not. It just covers you, which ultimately is the only person you are worried about, not the leasing company. Your notice doesn't have to be complicated, just simply that you are terminating it and that "this letter is to serve as written notice".
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Noni Noni
Verbal confirmation is not as good as written confirmation. Because one party could come back and say that they never agreed and then it is a he said/she said scenario. Write a letter and send it this week so they can prepare to get a tenant in there as soon as possible.
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Maachah Maachah
You need to submit a 60 day notice in writing. Make sure it gets to them before the end of this month.
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Ask the landlord what they want. None of this has any effect on your lease, so there is no "professional document".

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