Is my cousin's daughter being 'naughty' intentionally or is she very very innocent?

Is my cousin's daughter being 'naughty' intentionally or is she very very innocent? Topic: Case s view cover
July 19, 2019 / By Nicky
Question: My husband and I recently went for a river cruise. There was my cousin's daughter(barely 14 or so) on the cruise who was distracting my husband a lot. She was wearing a short skirt and due to the furious wind, it was constantly blowing up. Her frilly panties were repeatedly visible to all who cared to look. Though she was aware that her panties were coming in view to all the guys around, she let it be and it wasnt bothering her. My husband (along with almost all other men onboard) was repeated glancing her way and trying to see her panties. I scolded him a few times and then gave up. He said "What do I do? I cant help it?". He was visibly excited...! What I want to know is: Was this girl being 'naughty' intentionally or is she very very innocent? Doesn't she know that men were staring at her? Why didnt she cover herself up? Should I drop the topic with my hubby or keep being mad at him? I have already spoken to my cousin and told her about the incident. She is equally confused if the girl was just innocent or was she trying to show her panties to the men (in that case, can i blame my husband - if it the girls fault??) She countered that since she is allowed to wear bikini on the beach in presence of men - how this is different? Frankly I am stumped and dont know what to say.
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Kohath Kohath | 4 days ago
(a) Your cousin was being a little bit naughty. At this age girls like to tease but within limits. Sort of experimenting. however, I think she was unaware of the extent to which she was exposed. (b) You hubby like most other men were intersted in the free view. It is not advisable to drop it. Rather keep reminding him now and then that even if she was at fault, he should have acted decently.
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Imanuel Imanuel
DO NOT drop the topic. If he was looking at a woman, I would be more leneant, guys cant help it....but he should not have been looking at a 14 year old teenager!!! That is entering into paedophile territory (not saying he is one, but it is almost like that). And she was being naughty, looking for attention...believe me, this day and age, no 14 year olds are THAT innocent. She knew what she was doing.
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Euan Euan
I dunno... ask your cousin's daughter to wear pants next time on a cruise, because wearing a skirt (esp. short one) needs more caution, and see what kind of answer you get. Blush = innocent. Fury-at-your-domineering-attitude-look = naughty. I'm 14, and it'd bother me much to know my undergarments were in full view to MEN- STRANGERS, TOO. Hell, I don't like changing in front of girls before and after gym, either. My own sister has to knock the door if I'm currently changing. My mom, too. At 14, you'd think girls knew about sexual attraction from men when they see... undies... ...With your "hubby" (*chuckle*, turns serious), I think its rather, eh, strange, that he would get excited over his niece. :/ If I had an uncle who did that... O.O Creepy creepy creepy... Ask him to instead try to subtly get her out of "danger" next time, at least. Staying mad won't change his ways, I think.
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Cooper Cooper
First of all your "hubby" needs to be punched out. I could understand if he looked the first time because it would have caught him off-guard. After that he should have told you to get her into some respectable clothing. BTW why didn't you think of that? As far as the "innocence" of this 14yo? Who's kidding who? She knew exactly what she was doing.
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Arron Arron
that gal is being naughty but itz not particularly with ur husband only but wth every one around...u muz luk at the age of the gal..the gal is in her teenage n this is the age whn gals r continuously fancing about sex n all so itz completely not her mistake...on ur side u muz really talk up wth ur husband as if she dnt get ny response frm ur husband's side thn she will not repeate it again n if she getz sum response thn she will continue attractng hm..if ur husbnd dnt understand thn juz simply keep hm away frm her n if u r frank wth that gal thn plz have a talk with her n tell her abt the wrong thiongs she is doing or she will end up in a mess....all thje best
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