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Apartment Lease Question? Topic: Staircase sizes
June 24, 2019 / By Niel
Question: I recently signed an apartment lease for a two bedroom loft apartment and to my horror, my queen sized box spring can not fit through the staircase leading to the upper floor loft bedrooms. It seems through talking to other tennants, this has happened with any box spring larger than a twin size. This problem was not known by many tennants until after they signed the lease and were moving in. This apartment is the first building opened for tennants in a completely remodeled apartment complex and apparently the remodeling of the staircase is the culprit. The apartment management's only suggestion was to turn the first floor living room into the bedroom and the second floor bedroom into the living room (?!) Does this issue constitute a breach of the apartment owner to provide me with the apartment that I expected when I signed the lease ? Is this issue serious enough for me to have legal grounds for me to terminate the lease ? This apartment is located in Iowa.
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Kole Kole | 6 days ago
Does this issue constitute a breach of the apartment owner to provide me with the apartment that I expected when I signed the lease ? - No. While they may not have provided you with what you expected, they have provided what they advertised. Unless they put into writing that your box spring would fit, there is not much you can do. Is this issue serious enough for me to have legal grounds for me to terminate the lease ? Again, no. See the answer above. You could go to a king size bed since the box springs for those are in two pieces, both about the size of a twin bed.
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Kole Originally Answered: I'm not able to keep my lease at my apartment because of a job layoff. Can I break my lease?
Do you mean you've been evicted? Really, like in front of a judge where they tell you to move out for non-payment? If that's the case you are going to have a hard time ever renting an apartment again. That eviction will stay on your record/credit report for years. If you mean that you've moved out - that's a different story. Contact the apartment management and tell them what's happened. Tell them you are unable to pay and you've moved out. In most states they must try to re-rent the apartment. If they do, you are no longer liable for that amount of time. Ask them to work with you as you know you still owe them $ and see what they say. Worst case scenario is they go get a judgment against you - now they are going to try to force you to pay... good luck! ps - don't mean to be critical in a desperate time, but this is the exact reason that financial experts say to have a cash cushion of up to 6 months of living expenses. If you had a cushion, you'd pay your rent from it until you could move out cleanly without a mess in your wake. You would have had time to come up with another job maybe. Just consider this for the future! Imagine if you 'owned' a home instead of renting!!

Imlah Imlah
I truly believe this is a breach of contract. They can not expect you to have your bedroom down staires. Plus if this has happened to other people already then they already new the situation, and should have told you this when you looked at the apartment. They flat out lied, and hoped to keep you there without making a fuss when they mentioned that you are under contract. you can bring up the better business bureau if they do not want to resolve this isssue. Or buy you a twin bed. Good luck.
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Euseby Euseby
I doubt if you can cancel the lease. It is not the landlords responsibility to measure your personal belongings. Why not bring up two twin size box springs and put them together, with the queen mattress on top? Put a board on the protruding few inches and make it a shelf for books, reading glasses, coffee, etc.
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Cordell Cordell
Man that's a tough one. If he showed you an apartment that was furnished in the manner that you would have liked it then i think he should let you get out of the contract. Either way, I'd try to work it out with him and get out but if it's not possible then i'd head to court.
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Art Art
dont you have like couple days after you sign the contract to terminate if you dont like? well i dont know what to do in your case. but if you really dont want to stay there then i guess go ahead and leave and do what you need to do to get your deposit back. or you can just take apart your bed to get it upstairs or get a new smaller bed.
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Art Originally Answered: Any way to get out of my apartment lease?
Signing a lease is a binding contract. You will have to follow the stipulations detailed in your leasing contract. Get it out and read it, see what your options are. Just so you are aware, the landlord doesn't have to let you out of your lease. If you decide to skip out anyway you will be labeled as evicted. This will go on your credit report and will forever haunt you. He can still charge you for every month remaining on the lease. If you have a sublet clause in your lease and you find someone else to move in for the remainder of your lease, he can still charge you for the months remaining on your lease, and get the monthly rent from the current tenant. You're not necessarily home free if he finds someone else. To avoid this from happening to you, please make sure you get all verbal deals made between you, your subleasing tenant, and your landlord in writing, this will be your only defense and will hold up in a court of law if it where to ever go that far.

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