Why is it that certain women allow themselves to be controlled by insecure, disrespectful men?

Why is it that certain women allow themselves to be controlled by insecure, disrespectful men? Topic: Just in case shotgun
July 18, 2019 / By Niles
Question: I had just e-mailed an Answers user to show her how to allow contacts, because she didn't realize that she wasn't allowing contacts to add her, and asked me to explain how to change this. The very next day she sent the following, "I am adusting my profile and info as requested by the man I love. He worries for me and I love him to much to even care to argue his points." Of course now even her profile name has changed to "...", and she is no longer allowed to accept e-mails, contacts, nor IM's. I would never have such a lack of love and respect for my girlfriend as to dictate to her how she can use her time online(and if she accepted such behavior from me, I'd no longer be with her, because I'd no longer respect her). Why do women stay with losers like this? What is the driving force that causes a woman to have such low self-respect that they'd stay in such an unhealthy relationship? It's pretty sad, in my opinion. Your thoughts? Wendy, Jenna, Cyn, and Girly - You all gave very good answers. Thanks you for sharing your personal experiences with us. You have given a lot of insight into this problem. Mark - You're right... abuse isn't a gender issue, it's a Human issue. Both males and females can be abusers (and abusees). Those who experience abuse as children can go either way, depending upon their genetic makeup, and the kinds of abuse experienced. Thank you for sharing your own experience. I myself witnessed this with my father's third wife, she was emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive - she even shot at my father with a shotgun at one point (and my father is no winp by any means). After I had a talk with him about it, he left her and went back to his second wife (who is now his fouth :) ). Here's a short page that has some more info of the abuse of males- http://www.cyberparent.com/abuse/maleabu... Konnie - The question is both... why do abusers abuse and why do abusees take it. In my experience in every case I've heard of it comes down to both sides being abused or being around abuse as children. Peter - Very good points - I know a few woman who are exactly as you've just described Drowzee - Damn, girl, you always give good answers. Very good insight. I agree with everything that you've said. Rebel - You also give good answers. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. Very impressive. Sybil - It's sound like you've found a kind, caring master to allow you "live life". You must be a very happy lap-dog. Haha - The fact that you don't realize that this kind of behavior is abusive is very telling. It makes me wonder how your parents treated each other Tallooolah - His very well might be bigger than mine. My girlfriend got a kick out of your reply, because when we have sex she orgasms three times to every one of mine, on average. I may only have an average sized penis, but we're a perfect fit. ROTFL Sapient - I realize that with the information that I've given you, YOU wouldn't have enough to be able to determine anything. The person has seen this question and has provided me with a lot more personal info (which I don't feel comfortable sharing... if she wants to, she will post in here) that just makes me realize that my conclusion is sound. As for me "letting it go" I have no emotional investment in this other than a realization that this sort of behavior stems from a cycle of abuse. Anyone who has a sense of civic responsibility should do whatever they can to prevent child abuse, which is an integral part of the cycle of abuse. The best way to do this is to educate adults who are in the cycle, so that they have enough information to be able to break the cycle. The fact that you seem to be against this is also somewhat telling. http://www.heart-2-heart.ca/women/page5.... http://mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.php?t... http://www.helpguide.org/mental/domestic... http://ezinearticles.com/?Mental-Abuse--... Sapient - Um, one person trying to control their partner is a form of abuse - http://www.abusefacts.com/abuse/ Maybe you should educate yourself before you post. Children are always a part of the cycle of abuse, whether it be past abuse, current abuse, or future abuse. Why do you assume that I care if this person contacts me? You are totally misguessing my intentions, and making yourself look foolish.
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Originally Answered: Why do I feel so insecure when my boyfriend looks at pictures of women on his computer?
I can see both sides of the issue... I can understand why your school made the decision to let the day pass normally. The attacks only happened six years ago and for some people, it's just too painful and disruptive to dwell on it every year. Kind of like opening a wound that is just beginning to heal. Maybe in about 20 years, when it's not as painful, more people will want to commemorate those who lost their lives that day. On the other hand, I think that not even having a moment of silence for the honored dead and our country's loss of security was going a little too far. Things will never be as they were before that awful day. There's no use pretending that they will be or even can be. I wouldn't call what your school did disrespectful, per se, but I would call it a case of society sticking its head in the sand when it comes to important issues.
Originally Answered: Why do I feel so insecure when my boyfriend looks at pictures of women on his computer?
If 6 years ago you got into an accident and received a nasty awful down-to-the-bone gash on your chest..... ......And every year on the anniversary of the accident, you took a knife and re-opened the semi-healed wound...... What is the point of it? Life goes on. Wars have always happened, people have always been violent. Read some history, religion and hatred walk together through time. The Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades come to mind as well! 9/11 is merely a mosquito bite in the history of the world. WW II cost millions of lives by comparison. If you wish to remember, then you may find your way. But why force others to remember only because you want to? Perhaps others are trying to get on with their lives and want to let the past remain buried in the past.

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