Anyone good at Genetic Mutation?

Anyone good at Genetic Mutation? Topic: Examples of writing letters
July 19, 2019 / By Niven
Question: Please help. 1. A geneticist found that a particular mutation had no effect on the protein coded by a gene. what do you think is the most likely type of mutation in this gene? why? 2. Look at the following sequence: THE FAT CAT ATE THE RAT. Delete the first H and regroup the letters in groups of three- write out the new groups of three does the sentence still make sense? What type of mutation is this an example of? 3. Below is the base sequence for the normal protein hemoglobin and the base sequence for the sickle cell hemoglobin. Normal GGG CTT CTT TTT Sickle GGG CAT CTT TTT a. Transcribed and translate the normal sickle cell DNA. b. Identify this as a point or frameshift mutation. explain. c. If the base sequence read GGG CTT CTT AAA instead, would this result in sickle cell hemoglobin? Explain.
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Kori Kori | 2 days ago
1. A geneticist found that a particular mutation had no effect on the protein coded by a gene. what do you think is the most likely type of mutation in this gene? why? Ans. This is an example of silent mutation. In silent mutation there is change in codon but there is no change in amino acid because an amino acid can have more than one codons (Degeneracy of Genetic Code).Therefore, there would be no change in the protein 2. Look at the following sequence: THE FAT CAT ATE THE RAT. Delete the first H and regroup the letters in groups of three- write out the new groups of three does the sentence still make sense? What type of mutation is this an example of? Ans.Addition or deletion of bases changes the reading frame & results in Frame Shift Mutations. 3.Sickle cell anaemia is an example of Point Mutation.It is due to single gene defect.There is change in codon from GAG to GUG in the Beta chain of haemoglobin.Due to change in codon glutamic acid is replaced by valine aminoacid
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Ingram Ingram
1.I think it would have to be a point mutation because a frame shift mutation would change the set of amino acids coded for whereas the point mutation would maintain the same frames to read the codons so that only one amino acid would be affected by the change. It sounds like the mutation resulted in a codon that happened to code for the same amino acid as the original codon. 2. TEF ATC ATA TET HER AT Frameshift mutation (illustration) This type of mutation occurs when the addition or loss of DNA bases changes a gene’s reading frame. A reading frame consists of groups of 3 bases that each code for one amino acid. A frameshift mutation shifts the grouping of these bases and changes the code for amino acids. The resulting protein is usually nonfunctional. Insertions, deletions, and duplications can all be frameshift mutations. 3. A. gly, leu, leu, phe B. POINT --the change only affects a single amino acid and does not change the codon spacing because it is not an insertion, deletion or duplication C. it would result in a change in the protein because lys would replace phe Lys has a positively charged side chain whereas phe has a hydrophobic side chain. This would mean that the protein folding would be affected. Clinically important missense mutations generally change the properties of the coded amino acid residue between being basic, acidic polar or non-polar, whereas nonsense mutations result in a stop codon. Since the replaced amino acid change is in a different location and the original sickle cell mistake replaced the nonpolar leu with the basic his I doubt that replacing phe with lys would result in sickle cell disease although it would result in some disease because the protein folding would be affected.
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Ewain Ewain
We did not find any results for 'you have DNA sequence that codes for a protein is 105 nucleotide long. A frameshift mutation occurs at the 85th base- how many amino acide will be correct in this protein?'
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