Pete Rose admitting his situation with MLB his fault. Your thoughts & highlights of the interview inside?

Pete Rose admitting his situation with MLB his fault. Your thoughts & highlights of the interview inside? Topic: Museum case statements
July 18, 2019 / By Noah
Question: Pete Rose: ‘Baseball Is A Better Game If I’m In It NEW YORK (WFAN) – Pete Rose can now admit his lifetime ban from baseball was in essence self-inflicted. But MLB’s all-time hits leader wants a chance to be inducted into the Hall of Fame — and to become once again an active part of the game he loves. “I’m going to tell you something right now, whether you believe it or not,” Rose told WFAN’s Steve Somers on Wednesday. “Baseball is a better game if I’m in it. OK? Because I care about the game and I’m a teacher of the game. And I care about young players.” Rose maintains he never bet against his own team, and many baseball fans would say the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Then again, there are plenty who agree with the decision to keep him out. “All you gotta do is know my history to know I care about the game,” said Rose. “I gave more to the game than anybody you know. OK? I put the fans in front of everything when I played the game of baseball. At no time — at no time — did I ever cheat the fans in the game of baseball. No time.” Rose insisted he’s not “bitter with anybody.” But he made it crystal clear who could reverse the ban. “Me being in the Hall of Fame is one guy’s decision, and his name is Bud Selig,” said Rose. “There’s no one else in the world. Bud Selig could call me or call my people tomorrow and say, ‘Pete, I want to reinstate you.’ “I doubt he will, so I can’t worry about it.” So why hasn’t the commissioner done anything? “I don’t know the reason. I couldn’t answer that for a hundred-million dollars,” Rose said. “I had two meetings with Bud Selig and I got along with him both meetings, OK? We care about the same thing. We care about the game and we care about the future of the game. So why he hasn’t taken it upon himself to give me a second chance? I can’t answer that question.” When asked how he’d like to manage the struggling Mets franchise, Rose answered, “I’d like to manage anybody.” “Obviously I wish this would have never happened,” he said. “It’s my fault I’m not in the Hall of Fame. I’ve come to grips with what I did and what I didn’t do, and I’m just trying to live my life and be a good citizen. If I ever make the Hall of Fame, I’ll be the happiest guy in the world. But if I don’t, I’m the reason I didn’t.”
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Kortney Kortney | 3 days ago
Wow. Just wow. This is such a fine example of the double talk Rose has been spewing for the last 20+ years that it should be required reading for politicians. I don't care of I'm in the HOF. but I want to be reinstated so I can be inducted. "Because I care about the game and I’m a teacher of the game." Funny how a person who cared about the game so much (didn't he once say he would walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball?) engaged repeatedly in the one behavior that would ensure that he would be kicked out of it. Reminds me of a man who cheated on his wife repeatedly and then can't understand why she left him. And I also find it amusing that the Lou Piniella won a World Series with almost the same team that Rose had in fifth place in 1989, but Rose is a "teacher of the game". The whole "I never bet against my team" argument is pretty idiotic as well. My argument is that unless he bet on the Reds every single game, he was in fact betting against them on nights he didn't place a bet. Again, I find Rose's comments amusing - a person who knows the game so well and should be allowed to teach it is too stupid to know that betting on your team to win can be just as damaging in the long run as betting against them? Or doesn't understand that Rule 21 makes no distinction between betting against or for your team? Finally - the most amusing statement of them all - “Me being in the Hall of Fame is one guy’s decision, and his name is Bud Selig,” . Again - an unbelievable lack of knowledge, or simply a matter of Rose howling at the moon. Selig was not the commissioner when you were declared permanently ineligible. Nor was he commissioner when the HOF declared that players on the ineligible list would not be considered for induction. NOt that it matters because the HOF is a totally separate entity from MLB. Selig may be responsible for you continuing to be on that list,but blaming him solely is sort of like Charles Manson blaming the parole board for him being in prison. This just might be the one case where Selig actually has shown some backbone. All he is doing is simply allowing Rose's sentence, which he agreed to, to continue. Rose has done nothing to show remorse. Yes, he has admitted fault. However, he has done nothing to prove that he is any better now than he was back in 1989. His sole contribution to the game has been appearing on TV to hawk his wares and getting paid thousands of dollars to sign his name. If I were to be asked to give Rose one bit of advice, I'd say to do something to actually PROVE what a great "teacher of the game" he is or how much he "cares about the game". Do it on the local level - go to some of the poorer neighborhoods in Cincinnati or any other large city and help teach young kids the fundamentals. Donate 50% of your card show fees to Little Leagues or other youth baseball programs in the area in which you are appearing. Talk to some of the equipment manufacturers about donating equipment to these kids. Use your contacts to get big league players, past and present, to help you in this task. A person who truly loves the game can find a way to be involved that doesn't include MLB. And will probably be able to make a larger, more important and longer lasting impact than he could by managing a minor or major league team for a few years. Quick edit for Daddy Disney - the HOF Museum has exhibits about Rose and has some Rose artifacts in their various collections. They are in no way attempting to keep his accomplishments from public view.
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Innes Innes
Though I loved Pete Rose since he played on my beloved Cincinnati Reds. I don't believe him and especially now. I really doubt he will be inducted anytime soon so don't wait for the phone call. Once someone is banned it means banned. He did it by beting on baseball and probably on the Reds, too. I am not a fan of Bud Selig, either, but he is just maintaining what was started before his tenure. Face it Pete you made your bed and lied in it some time ago. U should have never done this in the first place. l
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Ewan Ewan
Sounds like he's lying again. It's my own fault I'm not in the Hall of Fame but Bud Selig could reinstate me and I'd be in. He's still blaming MLB. At no time did I ever cheat the fans in the game of baseball. By his conduct-the gambling, the lying, the denials, the constant seeking for sympathy-he's cheating the fans every time he opens his mouth. He says he never bet against his own team, but by his own denials, I can't believe him here either. Especially when John Dowd says he believes there is evidence Rose bet against the Reds. I'd rather believe Dowd than Rose. Rose doesn't care half as much about the game of baseball as he does Pete Rose. That's the truth and I'm sticking to it.
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Coty Coty
i hope pete rose is never in the Baseball Hall of Fame. his attitude here scares me very much. those drugs were wrong...and there is a possiblity that he might not be as tough without them. the attitude ignores the dangerous substances that were really happening. "i wish i had never seen those drugs or taken those drugs", was never said here...that is why i hope pete rose is never in the baseball hall of fame. go bud selig and yes.
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Asareel Asareel
I'm a Pete Rose fan and always will be. If he had fixed a game to win a bet I would say keep him out but he didn't. I wouldn't believe anyone if they said he did because it's all about wining on talent and the game itself to him. When you watch him play this shows. He should be in baseball and in the Hall of Fame. Some don't like Rose because he was arrogant, well what player isn't,except maybe for Derek Jeter.
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