Cover letter? and some other job questions?

Cover letter? and some other job questions? Topic: Cover letter for resume simple
June 24, 2019 / By Noble
Question: I'm 16, and i need a job. I have applied at the simple places(fast food restaurants) and haven't gotten a call back yet. I'd love to work at a clothing store or a nicer restaurant. for clothing stores, i was thinking of garage, but i'm only 16, and I've never seen a 16 year old working there. so do you think they would hire me( or any clothing store) with a decent, well worded cover letter, with a resume and application? what should my cover letter say? if you could, please list places that you think i should, and should not apply. your help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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Kory Kory | 4 days ago
im 16 and work at forever 21 (im in canada). i handed in my resume and cover letter the day after i turned 16 and got hired a few days later. its more professional if you have a cover letter. i had A LOT of fashion schooling (for teens at local universities) on my resume and i think since im so into fashion, it gave me a good advance in the job. remember to change your resume to what will benefit what job your applying for, but dont lie. also retail stores usually like previous retail experience so i just out my aunt's hair extension business on my resume :P i worked for her for like 2 weeks good luck!
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Kory Originally Answered: Job Application and Cover Letter Questions?
I understand what you mean by the reasons because currently I am applying jobs as well.:) Don't tell them that parents made you quite to do school and such. People would think you don't stick to your principles but are subject to others' ideas easily. Tell them the contract expired and you wanted to try something new if you did sign a contract. Or say that school work was overwhelming by that time and you think education is too important that you had to make the decision to leave although you really loved the job. For the references, you can try to fill it with a teacher who knows you well(you gotta get the permission from the teacher). Best luck of all. :)
Kory Originally Answered: Job Application and Cover Letter Questions?
References other than relatives or previous employers means friends who can talk about your character and how long they have known you. Do not tell prospective employers negative things about your past reasons for leaving other jobs. Simply state that you wanted to pursue other employment. Tell this new prospective employer that you are highly motivated to make a genuine contribution on behalf of their firm and that it fits in perfectly with your school hours. In the section where you write about yourself, state that you are a motivated worker who takes initiative, works well with others, has a good work ethic and gets the job done in a timely manner.

Innocent Innocent
Some stores will want you to be 18 because of child labor laws. So I would try a grocery store because there you will have better flexibility with your schedule and get your hours. A cover letter is always a good choice. You can google sample cover letters and insert your own info. You can get both your resume and cover letter printed out at Kinko's for like $2.00 for a couple of them. Remember to show up on time to the interview and stay positive. Good Luck!
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Ewane Ewane
You're too young to bother with a resume. The purpose of a cover letter is to try to point out specific items in your background experience that specifically meet the key job requirements. Since you don't know the specifics and can't possibly have a large enough experience base to bother with a resume, then you ave no need of a cover letter. You're too young for most of the kinds of jobs you seem to really WANT, so you have to take whatever job you can find. But, unless your life situation is dramatically unusual (e.g., dead father and sick mother) then you can't possibly "need" a job.
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Ewane Originally Answered: Cover Letter vs. Resume (questions)?
A cover letter is a business letter so it should be in that format - formal, typed, on quality paper, using titles like Mr. Ms. etc. You can do an internet search for examples. It should be short and to the point. Do not ramble on with a bunch of personal information. It should be addressed to a person not "to whom it may concern" or "XYZ Talent Agency". Start by stating specifically why you're writing - that you're looking for commercial representation or a talent agent to help you find local roles, or a talent agent with connections in LA to find movie auditions. If you've met the agent or were referred to the agent by someone, mention it. Highlight your best, most impressive credits to demonstrate that you have knowledge and experience. Mention any production you might be in currently and some information in case the agent wants to come see you in that production. Refer them to your enclosed head shot and resume. Thank them for their time. Sign the letter. Some examples: http://showbizltd.com/_sbl_pages/sample_... https://commercialkid.com/resumes-and-co... http://www.ace-your-audition.com/support... http://www.backstage.com/advice-for-actors/secret-agent-man/secret-agent-man-on-actors-blind-submission-cover-letters/

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