Unknown CREDIT on my credit card statement?

Unknown CREDIT on my credit card statement? Topic: Case statement
June 24, 2019 / By Noel
Question: Hi there, I hope someone can advise please. I've just received my credit card statement and there is an unknown credit of £4.66 on there with a standard code phone number as the description and a company name I've never heard of . I called the number and there's no mention of the company just a recorded message telling me the number has changed to an 0870 number. Could this be some sort of a scam? Should I notify my bank as it's a unknown credit rather than an uknown debit? Many thanks.
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Kourtney Kourtney | 5 days ago
I would check with your bank, just in case. It's always a good idea to check with your creditor if you see an unknown activity on your statements. You might have to lose the credit if they open a dispute, but it's better safe than sorry.
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No. you're not stuck with the rates they gave me when I signed up. But you must take action. Yes, they can just choose to increase your credit limit automatically, but you'll get better results if you take action. Here is part of the answer I just wrote to answer the recent question, "You always see credit cards for people with bad credit, but what about if you have AWESOME credit?" The treasures await you, but you MUST take action to get them. The users who are complainers or are assertive dealers get the very best deals: they've made the efforts that produce the best results. They use the phone to play off one card company against others until one of the companies budges. Because I never pay finance charges, I had to learn and practice this behavior before I could train others to do it. The companies have regular customer service reps as well as Customer Retention Departments, backup departments hired to keep you happy and loyal. Solutions: Avail yourself. Try picking up the phone and in a pleasant, cheerful, polite tone, telling your creditor, "I'm thinking of closing my account unless you lower my rates and improve my rewards. What can you do for me today?" If the front-line rep doesn't satisfy, ask for his/her direct supervisor. Then move over to customer retention. If you don't use your trump card of offering to abandon them unless they actively compete for you, they have no incentive to compete for you. It's sad that many customers don't act because of their unrealistic fear of being seen as a troublemaker by an authority figure like a credit card company: the top (unrealistic) barriers in people when phoning creditors: fear of retribution and a sense of shame and undeservedness. The big discovery awaiting such people: entire departments are hired to keep customers happy, delighted. Do NOT close the card, even if they suggest you close it or ask if you really want to close it or tell you that you "must" close it. Just say "No, thank you. I do not want to close my account yet." Closing a card can never help your score, and it can hurt your score. You're just using the THOUGHT of closing as a negotiating point. If you don't get what you want today (that is, you get a No from the 2 reps and their supervisors, a total of 4 No's), call again in 3 - 6 months or after your scores rise another 30 points each. The higher your score, the easier it is to get what you want. FICO 650 is above sub-prime (620), but it is below average (673 - 720, depending on the survey), and your goal is 760, above which you can get the very best deals and rates. Good for you for paying down those balances and taking care of yourself responsibly! Your goal on each cc balance is to get each balance below 30% of the credit limit. This is called credit utilization, and it's worth 30% of your FICO score. You need to keep a revolving credit balance below 30% of the credit limit, or it can hurt your score. Please vote: Did this help?

Ira Ira
Call the credit card company and tell them about the item on your bill that you didn't purchase. And ask if there's a possibility that someone may have you account number and is making purchases. It is a scam and you are the recipient. Good luck! This happened to me. And after I spoke to the Card company they traced where the purchases were made etc. and that's how I was cleared of all the extra charges.
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Ewen Ewen
I had a value of $7.fifty 8 on my verify card besides. got here out in the present day, Jan. 26,2010. I went to my economic employer and began studying this and it and located quite a few expenditures on my account that weren't me. i exchange into able to touch between the distributors and he exchange into able to tell me that the extreme quantity purchase exchange into executed interior the shop. i exchange into puzzled in view that my card is in my hand. He pronounced that there are human beings accessible that now could make a "card" with the extensive type and use it till it truly is close off. So, they make some expenditures in small quantities to confirm if it truly is going to be authorized and the cardboard truthfully works and then, they start making bigger purchases.
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Cowal Cowal
Ring them up and raise a dispute. After so many weeks if they cant provide an explanation then they have to remove. Its worth it as someone may have access to your card. If you tell them then its got you covered!
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Cowal Originally Answered: A credit card company sent me a demand letter to pay off a credit card bill which i already settled?
Did you get the settlement agreement in writing? If you only had a verbal agreement to settle the account for less than the full balance, you may be out of luck. It's hard to prove a verbal agreement. You should get credit for all the payments that you did make. Send them a letter indicating that you settled the account for $x and made the final payment on ___ and have the receipts to prove it. If you have the written agreement, attach a copy. If you don't, maybe the letter will be enough, but don't count on it. Always get a written agreement and never give the collector direct access to your bank account.

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