Question about offshore income?

Question about offshore income? Topic: Business law homework helps
July 18, 2019 / By Nolan
Question: I have a class and a question I have for homework is whether or not, a U.S citizen who made over $100 million in business outside of the U.S is in tax fraud for failing to pay taxes on it for 4 years. What are the laws behind offshore income, and where can I get info that can help me answer this?
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Kristopher Kristopher | 7 days ago
US Citizens are required to report taxes on their world wide income. Much tax on income from outside the US will be offset by foreign tax credits and foreign income exclusions but still must be reported.
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Irvine Irvine
US citizens are taxed on world wide income if they actually live aboard there are some exemptions and some time limitations, but world wide, means world wide
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