Need advice from music lovers & english enthusiasts?

Need advice from music lovers & english enthusiasts? Topic: Can you use the in a formal essay
July 17, 2019 / By Norris
Question: I have an essay due. Here is what it is on: Choose any song or poem that you would like and write an explination of the work explaining your own interpretations of the meanings of individual lines as well as any overall themes that are present in the work. Use direct quotes from the text itself to support any claims that you make. I would really like to do a song that doesn't have a clear meaning but isn't superbly hard to understand-- something I can write about. What would you suggest? I was thinking of doing the song "Heart-shaped glasses" by Marilyn Manson. Is this too risque to write about? Thanks! =) for freshman college course, teacher wrote on bottom of paper: "When writing these essays, you should use formal language such as would be appropriate in an academic setting."
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Lambert Lambert | 4 days ago
i would suggest either mr. brightside by the killers, or fame < infamy by fall out boy. or the bird and the worm by the used. the third one is probably a smart choice! ive done that to, and the songs are unclear as to the meaning, but you can figure it out. its easy.
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Isaiah Isaiah
I suggest you do Black by Pearl Jam. Many people, including me, consider it one of their best songs, but more people think it's also the best poem in the world. If you go to the forum (message pit) on www.pearljam.com, you will find a discussion thread there posted by an English teacher who used the song Black in his class. He introduced it to his students initially as a poem and asked them to interpret what the lines meant. The interpretation is amazing! It's so profound and moving... Here's the direct link to the song: http://forums.pearljam.com/showthread.php?t=241909 But if you really want something that doesn't have a clear meaning, then do BUGS by Pearl Jam.. I don't get that song.. If you do choose it, email me your interpretation of it..hehe...
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Felim Felim
we've been discussing a poem in English all week that's about sex... so I think it'll be ok... I'm a senior in HS if you're in an advanced class and at least a junior or senior in HS I think it'll be fine
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Cuthbert Cuthbert
Depends, what are you writing this for? High school? University? Is your teacher uber-conservative? Edit: If it's for college, it's fine.
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