History and need help with finding the answer?

History and need help with finding the answer? Topic: History homework help answers
July 18, 2019 / By Norwood
Question: the teacher said to compare the French, Spanish and English conquest and colonlization, but it's hard for me to distinquish each group of people from one another and write about it. please help
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Lance Lance | 6 days ago
Did the teacher also say to ask your homework questions in the Homework Help category? If not, I will.
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Congrats on your interest and welcome! Four of the best ways to learn about genealogy: 1. Check out several tutorials on cyndi's list and familysearch.org (links below). 2. Attend classes, seminars, meetings, genealogical society meetings. Many are offered in community centers, libraries, and Family History Centers. 3. Hang out here. 4. Check out the history or family history section of your local bookstore (do those still exist?) or library. A good foundation is built by following a good research process: 1. Interview your living relatives. 2. Examine your documents and those of relatives that will allow it. 3. Prepare for research by learning about basic genealogy, genealogy specific to your known ancestors. 4. Organize your data. Free software is available. 5. Research one document at time for one generation at a time, one ancestor at a time. A few hints for making good use of resources: Because of privacy laws and etiquette standards, you'll want to get back 70-100 years before hopping on the internet or trying to order records. Avoid user-submitted or prepared trees/pedigrees except where they have sources cited, and go to the sources. Indexes and transcriptions are better than trees but still likely to have more errors. Use these to get you to the original source. Try to find and work with original documents or images as exclusively as possible. Understanding how each type of record was collected and prepared and what that means is an invaluable tool for assessing the information. In step 1, keep pressing those that you do know. I've been working on my husband's 2 family members for 10 years before they "remembered" little facts and a document or two that cracked open everything. Some helpful starting places: http://www.cyndislist.com/ (START with How To and Genealogical Standards and Guidelines) https://www.familysearch.org/ http://www.deathindexes.com/ http://www.censusfinder.com/ http://www.findagrave.com/ Here -- Many of us have resources or knowledge specific to certain documents, times, places, and groups. Google -- Look for local libraries, archives, agencies, and GenWebs, or websites similar to above for your ancestor's country. Offline -- Libraries, archives, museums, genealogical societies, Family History Centers (operated by the Mormons), etc. BIG note: FHCs and some libraries have free access to some of the paid subscription sites like Ancestry.

Ishmerai Ishmerai
well here are the basic differences -Spanish- When they first came in contact with a new race of people they would fire a cannon at a nearby rock or tree to completly shatter it. They would then portray themselves as gods and take tribute from the people. When the people realized they were fooled the spanish would murder, rape, and enslave them. The spanish never intially sent settlers. They sent soldiers and the areas they took were considered military outpost. -English- The english would land near a native american settlement with the hope to trade with the native americans for food until they could grow there own. The english were happy to establish trade contracts with the native americans but still considered them a lesser people. In the beginning the english and native americans were cival with one another; however,disputes began after the english began to encroach upon the native americans land. The english would settle an area with families of men women and children -French- The french were the most peaceful out of the bunch. They would always bring gifts when establishing trade contracts and even on general visits. They still considered the natives a lesser people but it was also not uncommon to see a frenchmen and a native american women marry. The french also treated the native americans with more respect as a people, and wouldnt infringe upon territorial land as much. This is how the french established more native allies then britian in the coming wars. The initial french explorers were mainly male. hope that helps
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Felix Felix
I would consider where they colonized and/or conquered, what sort of contacts they made with the locals (friendly, as in trade; or hostile as in invasion, for example; and don't forget the introduction of European religions as part of the contacts). Is this only on the American continents or across the globe? Focus on one aspect at a time--look at all English colonization in North America, for example. Make notes about who, where, why, & when. How developed were they and did the motherland support or interfere with the running of colonies? I can guarantee you that all 3 countries had different motives, though some overlapped; they all wanted something different besides money/power.
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Cymbeline Cymbeline
you could start with the categories with which to compare and contrast the three colonizers. suggestions: 1.manner/means of conquest (was it bloody, peaceful, etc) 2.length of colonization 3. type of government/regime (democratic,dictatorship, etc) 4. rights and privileges available to citizents of the colony 5. lasting legacy to the society
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Aubry Aubry
Well heres a site you can go to for help. Its was giving to me just a few days ago and its was alot of help it is listed below.
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Please do your own work. Do you want us to type it up for you and take over to your teacher's house? How hard would it be to Google these questions? Talk about laziness!

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