I have really bad eczema, but corticosteroids aren't helping. What should I do?

I have really bad eczema, but corticosteroids aren't helping. What should I do? Topic: case study search
July 18, 2019 / By Nowell
Question: I tried searching for natural remedies and I see stuff about something called calendula, as well as things such as moisturizing. I don't know what calendula is or where to get it and I've done most other "preventative" stuff and frankly it hasn't helped. I've got some REALLY bad eczema. Can someone help me and give me some ideas?
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Best Answers: I have really bad eczema, but corticosteroids aren't helping. What should I do?

Landon Landon | 7 days ago
Hi there! Well if preventative measures don't help, then you've definitely got a bad case! Mine was fixed with prevention, but my brother had it more severe than I did and searched for all sorts of stuff. He used all the steroids and prescription creams and developed some skin problems such as stretch marks, thinning, and other strange reactions. Not good! We finally got his to go away with this product that we heard about on craigslist -- the company who makes it was doing some scientific studies and so we decided to test it. Product is called Rash Relief and it is now available for purchase at http://www.rashrelief.net -- we keep some on hand for when my brother breaks out.
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Isiah Isiah
Hi Natalie Calendula is a kind of marigold oil and it tend to be used a lot in nappy rash treatments. We do several creams with calendula in at the The Apothecary but I haven't had time to post most of them up yet, except one called the marigold balm. This has calendula both essential and carrier oils and also another type of marigold called Tagetes. We also do another treatment called eczema ointment with geranium which I swear by. If you need any help choosing which one to have, just pick up the phone to my mum Jill Bruce-Cook who makes the creams. The numbers on the site. Let me know if you need any more help.
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