Household in need of paranormal advice?

Household in need of paranormal advice? Topic: Media research areas to live
May 26, 2019 / By Obadiah
Question: Me and a few friends ( two couples) moved into a house together a few months ago. There have been little things here and there that hint towards something paranormal going on but they've been pretty spread out, until today. This house is only 10 years old, and has had two owners, one of which we are renting from, and the other owned the house for about 2 years before she passed away. What's happened so far... ~ Dogs staring into what appear to be empty corners, sometime growling or barking at an empty hallway, along with their hair standing up. ~ My 4 month old dog was barking and growling at the *empty* hallway, while backing away from it until she ran into another male roommate. (She was always growling and barking at *nothing* last night before a lot of these events took place) ~ One male roommate heard his name whispered (him and his girlfriends room is where most of the activity happens) ~ The roommate mentioned above's dog is let out of the room when it's impossible for her to let herself out because the door opens inward and is always shut. ~ One night a roommate was home alone but thought that the male roommate mentioned above was home because she heard what she thought was him letting the dog out of the bedroom and out the back door. ~ One night me and a female roommate, (the above male roommates girlfriend) we sitting in the living room watching TV and I looked over while talking to her, and out of my peripheral vision I saw a guy standing there and I thought that our boyfriends had gotten home from work early so I didn't pay attention to them until she was done talking, and then when I looked where the figure was standing nothing was there. ~ The female roommate in the more active room will be sleeping with her dog at night, and every time she wakes up she see's the dog staring at the same upper corner. ~ The same female roommate had Facebook open on her desktop computer, and then she left the room, then as she's headed back to the room she hears music playing so she checks the computer and there was a new tab open to youtube and a song by this very old band called the "Turtles" was playing. ~ We can all feel the negative energy while walking down the hallway. ~ Today in the more active room the male roommate got up to go to the bathroom and the female roommate figured he be gone for a few minutes, when he left he left the door slightly cracked, then a few minutes later the door opened further, the female roommate said how "that was fast" but then after not getting a response she looks and no one is there. After that she hears a static popping sounds, like what outlets make when you plug something in and it sparks, and then the computer which hadn't been on for 3 days turns on by itself. After that the male roommate returns to the room and laid back down, and then they continued to talk, while talking the female roommate looks over to the closet and where the closet doors are she see's a figure of a man wearing a hat with about an inch and a half brim. ~ The above stated female roommate was talking to her mom on the phone about the above occurrences and then the doorbell rings, and no one is there. ~ A few hours later we were all talking about what had happened earlier that day and talking about doing a sage cleansing and then we hear the doorbell ring again, and we checked, and no one was there. (This was at about 8:30 pm and all of the neighbor kids are very young and usually not out past dark which is around 6:30). Just about everything seems to happen in or around the one bedroom and occasionally the hallway/living room area. We are holding the landlords 100+ year old piano that belonged to his grandmother, we use to jokingly say that it was her ghost that was attached to the piano, but now we aren't so sure, especially since only one thing has happened near the piano, and the two sightings of a male figure. We are just wanting some insight on what it is we are dealing with here and how to go about dealing with it. Will a sage cleansing just tick it off or will it help get rid of the negative energy? Anything helps! Thanks.
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Lanford Lanford | 9 days ago
I would first recommend that you have the home checked out for any electrical problems. Doorbells ringing and hearing crackling , electrical sounds could be an indication of a possible wiring problem. Much of what many paranormal investigators do first is to try and discover what it's not before considering what it might be. It could also be important to have those things checked as you would not want to ignore a potential fire hazard. From what you have described it is very possible that you may have some type of activity and there are many similar descriptions of accounts when someone has discovered that there was some type of activity but I am not going to say that you do in fact have something going on at all. It is very important that you try and see if there is not another explanation that has been over looked. I do know how it feels to have such encounters with something you cannot explain and it can surely make you feel quite odd and very curious but it is very important to see if there is not something that was over looked. Doing a cleansing is a ritual that some mediums use when trying to get rid of negative energy and negative spirits and it is something that you could attempt on your own . I would , though, not recommend using a ouija board or attempting to communicate with any suspected beings. It could potentially make things worse. If you do continue to have these little occurrences and have not discovered a reasonable explanation for why they are happening, you could resort to contacting a paranormal research group in your area. They can help to validate your claims as well as put you in contact with someone who can advise you on how to go about getting rid of any activity. Good luck and take care.
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Lord have mercy! I can't believe you have to deal with all of that nonsense in your house. Yes. YOUR house! You need to MAN UP and put your wife and your stepson in their place. You did the right thing by taking care of your niece. I am terribly sorry about your sister; may God rest her soul. Your niece is obviously lost and afraid. Her mother passed away, she moved from one state to another, your wife is treating her like crap and now she's pregnant with your stepson's baby. My Lord sweet Jesus! What a mess! I don't mean to judge you; in fact, it is NOT your fault that your wife is acting selfish. It is NOT your fault that your stepson is being disrespectful. And it is definitely NOT your fault that the two CHILDREN you and your wife provide for under your roof decided to have unprotected sex. Your niece needs you now more than ever. Make her get a job once the baby is born. Tell your wife to stop blaming your niece for everything and be a supportive grandmother to her son's unborn child. The stepson should also get a job. He may be 16 but he needs to be a man now. If he felt as though he was ready to lie down in the bed and have sex then he BETTER be ready to take care of his damn child! As punishment for their irresponsible actions, you should also give them babysitting duties for the twins that your wife is expecting. If they want to act grown then they need to do the right thing. That's the bottom line! God bless; I will be praying for you and your family.

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If all of your premonitions are about dying than it's warnings that can be modified. Pray for these people when you're feeling this and accomplish that unless you've peace about the obstacle and then they will be adequate. Cindy Jacobs is a fine creator who you should look into to support you gain knowledge of tips on how to use your reward.
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Ferd Ferd
Anyone can help themselves with spirit problems as most spirits are not trying to harm anyone. They just want to settle what they feel they have left undone and be released to go onward to their spiritual future. They cause harm by trying to manifest which draws energy off of everyone and everything around them. It causes illness, bad luck, and feeling tired all of the time. The ones that are harmful (physically / psychologically hurt people) can be dangerous. Malevolent spirits can also pretend to be loved ones who have passed. For professional experienced help and support go here: http://www.astralhealer.com/contact.html They also have a number of things on the website that you can do now to deal with the situation. OR http://www.thefourthhealing.com/page9.ph... Best Wishes!
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Dacey Dacey
The dead cannot come back to haunt the living. -Ecclesiastes 9:5-10; Psalm 146:3, 4. The "static popping sounds," and the vision of hat-man indicate that you have spirit creatures in the house. The only spirit creatures which impersonate human beings are the demons. First thing, check your place for objects related to the occult and spiritism. This includes CDS, magazines, DVDs, amulets used for protection etc. If you have them , discard them. A demon or demons could also be attached to the piano especially if the owners had connections with spiritism or the occult. If that´s the case, you will have to remove it out of your place or ask the landlord to pick it up. Most people don’t recognize ordinary things that many of us do or own as being of the occult: things such as psychic readings, dream catchers, wearing a crucifix or other amulet or protection, levitation games, reading astrology etc. You won´t be able to resist demons by resorting to superstitions. When you assign a power of protection to inanimate things such as "holy water,""sage,""incense,""garlic," "crosses," "rosaries,"you´re just inviting demonic spirits into your life. Don´t do that to the Bible as well. Pray to God, asking him to deliver all of you from Satan and his demons. Of course, you have to use God´s name, Jehovah, for Him to be able to help you. -Psalm 83:18; Proverbs 18:10. James 4:7, 8: Subject yourselves, therefore, to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from YOU. 8 Draw close to God, and he will draw close to YOU. James 2:19: You believe there is one God, do you? You are doing quite well. And yet the demons believe and shudder
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It takes a lot of work to find places to investigate. Search archives in your local paper for news articles on haunted places. have business cards printed up and talk to people. If your city has a historical society they should know some famous haunted places in your city. Are there any Civil War battlefields in your area? Successful teams work work work to get places to investigate. Asking here is not the most reliable place to search. It will take lots of footwork and poking around in libraries and newspaper offices. If you want to do something different just to keep busy you can print up flyers or put ads in the paper advertising you will investigate hauntings. This will present the problem of mentally ill people contacting you about their illusions. BB

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