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July 18, 2019 / By Obed
Question: A cat that hangs out outside my house is going to have kittens, she is huge. Is there anything or like a box or something I can put out so she is more comfortable? She is a really sweet cat and I do not want her or her kittens to be harmed, I feed her and stuff. If you have any tips .. please let me know.. Also since she isn't my kitty can I take her to the vet still and have her fixed so she cannot have anymore kittens? since she is a stray. She is really sweet and I like having her around but I do not want her harmed, and I want her to stay here where I know she will be taken care of. Also, she is huge- how long do you think it will be until she has her kittens? i can take a picture if needed.
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Langdon Langdon | 10 days ago
Hi...well believe me its not a problem if you take her to the vet i think that maybe it is a very good idea to get her fixed for the future kittens of hers sake...and just between you and me you are like her owner now..cause you feed her and take care of her and that's so nice of you...i have two cats and when the female was pregnant she was just lying around making that cute little noises cats make and them BOOM the next day there was four beautiful little kittens ens but remember if you wan to be there when she gives birth...make sure to be close by and check her every now and then cause when she is starting to have them she is usually silent...i didn't hear one thing when my kitten was having her babies and i was siting in the same room busy writing an essay on my comp....
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Langdon Originally Answered: Is My Cat About To Have Her Kittens?
No. I think you kitty has about a week and a half left. This is the best website! I used this for my kitty and it helped me so much! http://www.2ndchance.info/felinelabor.ht... Yes she is preganet. It will be about 1 month after they start pinking that she will have her kittens. Pregnancies are as different from cat to cat as they are from woman to woman. In general, however, there are some things you can recognize as signs your cat is going into labor. She will start nesting She may lose her appetite She may become more affectionate and clingy She may become anxious or restless She may have a vaginal discharge She may lick and groom her vaginal area She will start panting with her mouth open as she is very close to delivering, and soon, she will start trying to push. This is the beginning of her second stage of labor, with the third stage being the delivery of the placenta. More than likely, your cat will handle the entire delivery with ease and require no help at all from you, and you should let her give that a try before offering assistance. There are instances where she’ll need your help, and you should always be prepared, have your birthing supplies on hand, and know when to call the vet. Cat Birthing Supplies Lots of clean hand towels A pair of hemostats (or 2) A pair of dull scissors Unwaxed dental floss or thread Alcohol or iodine Along with these basic things, you will also need your phone and the number of your vet and an emergency vet in case your cat delivers in the middle of the night and has trouble. It’s also good to have kitchen scales, a pen and paper, and permanent markers if you want to record births and keep an eye on each kitten’s progress. Keeping weight records is a good way of knowing whether or not each kitten is thriving. Active Labor As your cat pushes, you will see a bubble of fluid start to come out. If she continues to push without delivering the sac and kitten, you can pinch the sac, release the pressure, and the kitten should emerge quickly. Never pull at the sac! If you have a kitten that is out of the sac and halfway out of mom, you can hold him gently with a hand towel, wait until the next contraction, and give a gentle tug. If you pull too hard, you can seriously harm both mother and kitten. Ads by Google Healthy Cat Food Take the True BLUE Test. See How Your Brand Compares. Learn More. BlueBuff.comIs Your Cat Sick? Diagnose The Problem With PetVet Condition Finder on Petside.com www.petside.com How You Can Help Your Cat During Delivery The most common occurrence is when the queen doesn’t remove the kitten from their sac. At this point, you can reach in, tear the sac from the kitten’s face, and then rub his face with a towel to clear it off. The kitten should start breathing. If not, you will have to clamp the cord with hemostats (if the placenta hasn’t passed, the kitten will still be attached to mom), cut with dull scissors between the placenta and the hemostats, hold the kitten between the towel, dry him, and rub vigorously until he starts to breathe. Once he takes a breath, give him to his mommy to nurse. If the kitten sounds like he’s breathing fluid, you can hold him in the towel head down, and swing him downward and then upward and then downward and upward. This should clear way mucus. This doesn’t have to be a wild, crazy swing, just firm. You don’t want to sling a kitten across the floor. When to Call the Vet If your cat has pushed hard for an hour and not produced the first kitten If your cat has pushed hard for 20 mins without producing subsequent kittens More than 10 minutes of pushing with a kitten halfway out If your cat ceases labor for more than 2 hours but you can still see kittens inside If your cat becomes fatigued and seems unwilling to continue If you see bright red, fresh blood

Issac Issac
If You Really Like This Cat , And She Is A Stray, I Dont See Know Harm In You Taking Her In And Giving Her The Life She Deserves , After Shes Finished Carrying Milk , Once The Kittens Have Gone To New Homes , You Should Get Her Done ... Just Explain To The Vets That You Have Adopted Her And Dont Want Her To Have Any More Litters.... Good Luck :)
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Ferdie Ferdie
cat pregnancy lasts about 63 to 69 days, so try to recall when she was rolling around and acting slutty, like female cats do when they are on season. look take her in if you love her. mine is a stray and she had major human contact problems when i got her but with a few hard weeks of petting and genuine love she is a social butterfly. bring your lady cat in and let her scope your place out and hopefully she will give you some lovley babies. and yes take her and get her desexed and tagged as yours and you will have a friend for many years to come i got my cat desexed 3 months after her kittens were born and i don't regret it at all, her whole existance wasn't about breeding anymore, she is more playful and kinda youthful and the poor thing isn't being controlled by her nasty hormones anymore
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Dakota Dakota
probably not long. put her in a room... with food and a litter box so when she has the kittens they will be where you can protect them.. there is also the possibility if she has the cats outside she will either lead you to them or bring them to you..i am thankfull that you want to take care of this cat and her kittens...thank you for caring... as far as taking her for your own....if she is a stray then take her in... but if she belongs to somebody than they have to live close by...you could take a picture door to door. if no one claims cat than take care of it..... good luck and God bless...
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Augustine Augustine
you could put a box out with blankets but she will deliver where she feels safe and secure if she is a stray then yes you can take her in and have her fixed why not take her in now then she will have somewhere safe and warm to deliver
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Vicky Vicky
huge? probably like 2 or 3 weeks... idk.... i cant see her so.... anyway.... that was a very touching story and i hope u 2 are appy together!!!;-)
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Vicky Originally Answered: One of my kittens isn't connecting with me very well? What can I do?
Cats are individuals and have very different personalities. I took in one stray who had been severely injured in the past, presumably by a former owner. He proved to be affectionate to the point of being annoying at times. When I worked at my desk, he would climb up the back of my chair and drape himself around my neck, purring in my ear. It took about four years to get the other one to come out of the corners unless it was dinner time. She was always distant, over 15 years, but gradually came to accept me as something more than a food source. Just took awhile.

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