I am still a bit flustered.so I did not write a sonnet, and it feels good?

I am still a bit flustered.so I did not write a sonnet, and it feels good? Topic: My passion is writing a fine
June 24, 2019 / By Oberon
Question: maybe I don't want to be remembered as simple well rounded thing maybe I want to tell you what I have to say with my words broken rhythm of deceit masking the truth of experience this is not a quiet fireside session with pipe and crackling logs youth is full of wildfires stripping greens from life with insatiable hunger and you can carbon copy your fine line print as many times as you like but invention has a mother and it compels fearless tongues to brave the cynical reprisal with chins rested high on hopes and erected in pride be it false or otherwise one can not deny that it is upright as any other civilized beast ah that last line is thin I see you missed the point amen sister its the r-complex I say except deny happy deny happy fine iano you are a master and I am a beast but I like it that way
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Best Answers: I am still a bit flustered.so I did not write a sonnet, and it feels good?

Lanny Lanny | 2 days ago
youth is full of wildfires stripping greens from life with insatiable hunger oh hell...they are restricting such things to only youth these days? hehe...loving form does not limit nor does it erase the desire to feed on life. those passions do not simply die because an appreciation for a structured poem is born. an intelligent and well-rounded mind may not WISH to do both styles...but it at least is brave enough to admit there is room for both and yes, even within the same mind. come come mtr get down from the pony before you fall. Even Buk indulges in a sonnet now and then and he is...er...youthful.
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Lanny Originally Answered: Choose one option:) Write your own Sonnet (stick to a specific type of sonnet).?
For most people, it would be much easier to do the second option: find a sonnet online and analyze it in the way the assignment says. I'm sure that if you were to type in "Shakespeare's sonnets" into your search line (web browser), you would find several examples. Or, if you want to avoid Shakespeare, type in examples of sonnets and see what comes up. (Yes, I did try this research and found that there were many examples.

Itai Itai
I may not want to be remembered for making a simple well rounded thing I'll tell you what I have to say in broken and deceitful rhyming Mere words mask the truth of experience this is no quiet fireside oration with smoking pipe and crackling logs youth's wildfires burn without cessation I'll strip the very greens from life express insatiable fire's hunger, you can line print a carbon copy but invention alone is my mother. I brave reprisals with chin held high on pride hopes, false or otherwise.
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Ferdy Ferdy
What if I informed you i did no longer understand how a ways in existence I could go i'm a drop out –– won't be able to you tell i choose a wordsmith to help me spell i got here upon your question incredibly a suspense and then your poem met me with bliss there's no longer something extra in existence i could like Than to win without a combat yet tell me is that too severe of a request i've got buried my desires so long in my breast provide me provide me it quite is all i understand I carry the torch yet lost the fireplace a while in the past My call is Courtney I stay in Tennessee And this my poem I lend to thee
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Daley Daley
Hells yeah! this poem awakens fierce resistance to conformity, it screams out for understanding of the meaning beneath, the inner beauty beneath the form. There is no right or wrong way to express thoughts and emotions.. some are more beautiful on the surface and less so beneath, some are more beautiful beneath and less so on the surface, and some rare few marry the two.. thus is the nature of man who creates duality in beauty.
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Austen Austen
being civil- I suppose we must How else to gain love but through trust but something feral lurks beneath the surface and holds dear everything that men call worthless i can see with eyes of cat and viper sometimes i want to be a sniper so i play stickman games until i beat them but these stick-in-the-a** humans? can't defeat them listen how they repeat their own self-promos we will keep on writing, making typos do they even see through to the meaning BECAUSE YES IF I HAVE CAPSLOCK ON, I'm screaming...
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Austen Originally Answered: Help me write a sonnet?
I feel your pain. We just did sonnets in English too. It doesn't matter if it's pretty or not. You can trail your thoughts from line to line (each line doesn't need to be the whole thought). Just be sure to follow the rhyme sheme- ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. I know it's hard, but you can do it!

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