I need help with this book I'm writing. How do I publish it when I'm done? is there a website or what?

I need help with this book I'm writing. How do I publish it when I'm done? is there a website or what? Topic: How to write a check out correctly
June 21, 2019 / By Ocean
Question: My book's description is this: What would you do if you saw your dead bestfriend? Well Theodora Wilmot and Hollie Farmers had been friends since kindergarden and had been competitors in the horse back riding competition for years but when Hollie dies from a hit and run, Theodora dosn't know what to do and she sees Hollie day and night. It gets so out of hand that Theo's mother and father sends her to a rehab/asylum and 5 years later, Theo gets out of the asylum forgetting all about Hollie. Hollie comes back and she can't get back to heaven because someone stole key to heaven and Hollie needs theo's help to get back to heaven because the theif was an angel but somehow he or she possessed a human being. Now it's up to Hollie to convince Theo to remember her, and to get the 'angel' before all of the new angels end up on the earth and dissapear in between, heaven and hell. Okay, I'm wondering, How can I publish this book how and where? Thank you! :D
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Best Answers: I need help with this book I'm writing. How do I publish it when I'm done? is there a website or what?

Lark Lark | 3 days ago
First of all, you edit it until it is perfect. I don't mean "It's good because my mum, dad and best friend said it was good", I mean *really* good. Don't forget that you're competing with the likes of Rowling. Next, you put it in a drawer or in a file on your computer somewhere and just forget about it. Take it back out and edit it when a few months have passed, so you can look at it with fresh eyes. Make sure it is formatted correctly. Guidelines for this can be found all over the internet. Get a copy of Writer's Handbook or Writer's Market and find an agent. They will help support and represent you. There are very few publishers who will accept you without an agent, so it is always best to check whether or not the publisher you're interested in requires you to have an agent. You'll see underneath each of the agent's details what they require to be sent - pay attention to this! Send whatever they want, but don't expect miracles right away. Very few agents/publishers accept authors right away. Just a few pointers: - Don't send ANYTHING if you find an agent who asks for money upfront. The same goes for publishers. - Don't assume that they'll want some more of your story. Only send them what they ask for. - Don't send anything to a publisher who has "no unsolicited mss" under their details. You'll be rejected. - Don't send something which you know is not edited. Publishers and agents are not like school teachers - they won't be kind and fix your errors. If they find a glaring mistake, "i"'s you can't be bothered to capitalise, plot holes you can't be bothered to fix, paragraphs you couldn't be bothered to format and your story will just be thrown in the bin. Simple as.
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Lark Originally Answered: Is there a website that allows you to write and publish reviews?
These are for books that are actually published like Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen or Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling: http://www.bookarmy.com/ ^ For this one (I think it's like imdb but for books instead of movies), you just make an account and then you can rate and write reviews for books that you read. Here are some more I found online: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities... ---- The website below is a really neat for helping along new writers. Basically what you do is you read new works from authors and rate them, and depending how good they do they get passed on to the next stage. If enough people like the whole book, it is sent to a publisher. https://www.webook.com/poll/raters.aspx
Lark Originally Answered: Is there a website that allows you to write and publish reviews?
Uh... I know a TON of websites for reviewing and reading unpublished books and short stories and poems and stuff. I'm not sure about published ones though.. :S If I'm talking about what you wanted, here's a site: www.worthyofpublishing.com
Lark Originally Answered: Is there a website that allows you to write and publish reviews?
Yes, it is called Yahoo! Movies. You can write reviews on just about ANY movie. Plus you can rate the movie on characters, plot, acting, ect. It is very interesting to see what other people think of a movie you love/hate. BEWARE OF SPOILERS! www.yahoo.com and click Movies

Itamar Itamar
Not a simple question of how and where. There's no address I can give you that you can just send your book to and they'll put it on bookshop shelves. It's not like a 1 hour photo service. It's a business. A serious business. And being a writer is a serious job. What you're asking is akin to saying "hey, I drew a building, how can I have it built?" You have to become an architect and be hired and build a career before anyone pays attention to a building you've drawn. First of all, you do not contact anybody until after your book is finished. Your ideas and unedited unfinished manuscripts are worthless. Second, all writers should know Yog's Law: the money ALWAYS flows towards the author. Any agent who asks you for money upfront is a scammer. Any publisher who asks you for money upfront is either a scammer or a vanity press and often enough, they're both. 1/ Write your book to the highest standard. Learn all you can about the craft. Get it criticised by people who are neither your friends, family or teachers. Get your ego crushed. If they say it is terrible (and they will. All first drafts are awful), ask why. Ignore anybody who says it's great, they're not helping. Follow people's advice. Then rewrite it all. Go get crushed again. Rewrite. Then edit and edit and edit. Repeat that process as many times as you need until people are just criticising tiny unimportant details. Keep in mind it is UNACCEPTABLE to have grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors or typos in a manuscript you submit. 2/ Research. A LOT. Research how the publishing industry works. When you know how things work, start researching for an agent. Writers' Market is there for that purpose. Find agents who cater to your genre. Do a background check on them to make sure they are legit. I suggest the forum Absolute Write to start with. These guys are very good. Also google "Agent Name + scam" and read what people are saying. Then find out their query requirements and query. Get rejected. Often. Just persevere. Eventually you might be accepted. If that is the case, move on to step 3 3/ You and your agent will probably do some more editing and then your agent will help you query publishers. Again, research publishers before querying and make sure you follow their query guidelines. Again, get rejected a lot. 4/ If you're one of the lucky few, you will be accepted. A legitimate publisher will NOT ask you for any money. In fact, they will pay YOU an advance and if your book sells well, you'll get royalties after that. If your book doesn't sell well you keep your advance and the publisher is the one who will be at a loss. That's why publishers are so hard to get. They take a big financial risk when they take you on. It also means they are much more motivated to sell your book. The publisher will provide: editing, cover artist, formatting, printing, marketing, copyright registration if you're in the US, ISBN and distribution at a cost of ZERO to you. The alternative is self-publishing, but I don't recommend it unless you're a talented businessman. Be aware there are free options out there (lulu.com or Amazon Kindle for example) and certainly plenty which don't cost thousands. That alternative means you are alone. You do all the work. All the marketing, all the editing, the cover art (unless you buy extra options). They just print it for you. Be wary of vanity presses posing as Print On Demand and self-publishers (again google Name + scam and ask the guys at Absolute Write.). Be aware that self-publishing also means you will probably not sell a lot of books if any. It's a great option if you just want a few copies for friends and family or a small local project (ie a History of your local parish or a book about your family's ancestors.) or if you have a niche genre or a book that wasn't given a chance by a publisher because of reasons other than quality. Be aware that self-publishing does not count as publishing credits and you would not be able to join any professional writers guild as well as being constantly reminded of the fact that your work was not selected by professionals. You will also have more trouble finding reviewers for your book as many bloggers, websites and most magazines and newspapers have a no self-published books review policy. I especially advise against self-publishing if you are a young writer because you are not yet able to judge how good your book really is and a bad self-published book out there might destroy any future writing career you might have as every publisher you'll contact at age 30 will see it with a simple google search.
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Itamar Originally Answered: Any website that publish stories and pay (story included)?
If you are looking for online websites offering to publish you, you will most likely stumble upon thrre types of publishers: Self-publish - you will shoulder most of the cost but will recieve most of the profit. E-publish - you post your writing to a website.. no pay Scammers - these guys should be obvious. Anyway, publishing on print, specially with magazines, will require you to create much more engaging story than this. I found it extremly light and no "bigger" plot can be found. In addition, your writing style does not show.. it tell. Work on it and worry publishing when you extract the best that you can from your skill.
Itamar Originally Answered: Any website that publish stories and pay (story included)?
Refine your work first, cut out irrelevant "ifs but's and maybe's." Do your home work and purchase The Writers Year Book. It will show you the correct publisher for the right kind of story you have written. It's no good sending a horror story to a child's story publishing house. Best of luck. J

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