Should I just ignore his texts if i'm not interested?

Should I just ignore his texts if i'm not interested? Topic: How to write a romantic setting needs
June 25, 2019 / By Odran
Question: This guy I met online who seems interested me texts me like every day. I have no interest in meeting him or really even talking to him any longer. We've never even met and he talks about our future as if we have one. I was texting him back at first just to be nice but I think he's thinking there's more to our conversations than I do. And the thing is he always asks the same thing: How's your day? How's work? blah blah blah. What should I do, what can I say to make him stop texting me so much? I don' t know if I should just arrange to meet him just to clarify to him that i'm not really interested in him that way. I need avice. I definitely want to tell him that i'm not interested in him in that way but i'm not sure of how to word it in response to his "how is your day?" question....that's why I figured if I ignored him he would get the picture
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Larry Larry | 6 days ago
Don't stress so much over this, your only mistake was giving him your phone number to begin with, but hey, it happens. So now all you need to do is tell him ONCE in a very clear text, that you are not interested in a romantic relationship, or even a close friendship right now. That is it. After that you simply ignore his texts. Don't even read them, just hit delete whenever he writes. If he persists, then you CALL him and tell him to cut it out. If he still persists, tell him he is starting to bother you and you will call the cops on him if he doesn't cut it out. I would not advise you to meet with him in person. Even if you think the purpose is to set him straight, he will view it as a positive step that he actually got to meet you in person. There is nothing you need to say to him that you can not put in a text or tell him on the phone.
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Ithiel Ithiel
I definitely advise against meeting him, he already acts like you two are together and you never met. This is scary. You could text him your not interested, or ignore all the texts, block his number or get a new number. Next time, don't give out your number to strangers.
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Fester Fester
he sounds like a weirdo and a waste of time. just ignore him. people don't like to be ignored. so he'll get the message...or you could cut it off quick and just say you dont want him....and after that block his number perhaps. and no you probably shouldnt try to meet someone you met online and have never met before..
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Damian Damian
Don't completely ignore him.. think about How you would feel if someone you like ignored your texts.. so just tell him You are seeing someone and You would Like him to stop contacting you
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Averel Averel
be straight and be firm with him. tell him theres no future and that he should move on. if you really dont know this guy then i suggest dont meet up with him as you never know who he could be
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