I want to adopt a baby when my fiance and I get married.?

I want to adopt a baby when my fiance and I get married.? Topic: Newspaper research topics
July 18, 2019 / By Ofer
Question: We kind of want to just adopt without all the legally trouble of lawyers and things like that. Kind of like Juno. Just have an adoption, n "kick it old school - testament." I have been researching this and find nothing. I know Juno found her in a newspaper, is that just a fictional part of the movie or is that something that people do. I can have children, I hope. We are not sexually active but would love to give a child a home who otherwise would not have one. If you have any infromation please let me know. Thank you!!
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Lauren Lauren | 7 days ago
Juno is a movie - NOT real life. There MUST be lawyers involved. There MUST be home studies etc involved - to try to assure that the child is going to a 'good' family. There are not that many infants readily available - as what is best for an infant - is to stay with their mother - as long as no abuse is present. (it's best for the child's self identity and self worth) There are - though - thousands and thousands of children in foster care that are waiting for a loving home - all ready for adoption. Please don't talk of 'saving' a child. An adoptee doesn't need to be grateful for the rest of their lives because you 'saved' them. Please do a ton of research before you enter into adoption - it is NOTHING like Juno in real life. An adoptee requires special care - and parents that know fully the issues that they may face. Here's some adoptee blogs for you to start with - http://www.adultadoptees.org/forum/index.php?topic=2805.0
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Lauren Originally Answered: How can me and my fiance get married if she only has a visa?
It's not all that hard really, assuming you're an American. Once you marry, you'll need to file an I-130 immigrant petition, an I-485 adjustment of status form and a work authorization request along with some other odds and ends. If she came in on a visa, then she should be able to get green card status without leaving the US. check out www.uscis.gov and look up the forms above, along with the filing fees. be sure to read through the instruction sheet for the I-485, lots of important information for you there. file everything at the same time.

Itiel Itiel
Adopting a baby via being "found in a newspaper" and without all of the legal trouble of lawyers is indeed fiction. That is why you have found nothing. The author of the screenplay for Juno is an ex stripper who has never given up a child for adoption nor even given birth. Doesn't that tell you something about real life not being "kind of like Juno"?
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Festus Festus
You want to adopt a baby without all the lawyers and legal stuff? Am I missing something here? That's not gonna happen, not in real life. And, to be honest, that's not the worst part of your fantasy. If you think adoption is just about saving a child from something, then you don't understnad about adoption in the real world. I don't mean to be unkind, but your question comes across as being very light and casual about adoption, as if it were a "nice thing to do", like donating money to a homeless shelter, you know? In reality adoption is something that will impact your life FOREVER. Your life will never be the same. You will learn things about adoption that you never even dreamed about. My honest advice is for you and your husband to spend lots of time getting to know each other and enjoy each other first. Then, later on, when you are ready, look at your parenting options. I fear that you are jumping ahead of things a bit to already be talking about adoption, when you haven't really learned about marriage yet. And, by the way, not being sexaually active until you are married is perfectly okay. It's rare these days, but certainly okay. Let's just hold off on making decisions about becoming a mother until you have some practice being a wife.
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Damion Damion
Just so you know. Juno is not real. It was a made up story written by a person who has nothing to do with adoption and did very little actual research. Juno is a movie, not real life. Seriously, do some research before you adopt. P.S. In case you were wondering, ET wasn't real either.
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Averill Averill
You want to "kick it old school - testament." Hmmm. Okaaaaay. Anyway, if you really do intend to try to adopt someday, don't you have the best interests of the child in mind? If so, then you would WANT to do it legally. I would also suggest that you do a lot of reading and studying about all of the various aspects of adoption before you ever consider attempting to do so.
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Virginia Virginia
Juno is a stupid movie. I don't think anyone here cares about your (lack of) sex life. Adopt a chia pet.
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This also happens to my daughter who has a gorgeous little guy. She is in her mid-20s but looks very young (people usually guess 17 yo). She gets all kinds of kooky and sometimes downright nasty comments when she is out alone with her son. When she was pregnant, a woman came right up to her and asked her for her baby. A nurse at the hospital also told her and his dad that they ought to give their baby away. I think that some people believe that a young parent cannot possibly be a good parent because they apply the negative statistics about young parents to all situations. Often hopeful adoptive parents piss their fertility away by delaying pregnancy into their thirties because of their insecurity and need to indulge themselves. Then they piss and moan because "undeserving" young people have the audacity to deny them a baby. They think that taking someone else's cute baby is their right. Enjoy those babies. Celebrate looking young. My daughter tells people to shut up and mind their own business or she will call the cops.

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