Genes in Biology. Please help?

Genes in Biology. Please help? Topic: Factor by grouping homework
June 25, 2019 / By Ofir
Question: Please help me fill in these blanks! The promoter region of a eukaryote gene has a ________ box that must be present for the RNA polymerase II to attach. Then a series of proteins called general _____________ factors must attach. However, in order for transcription to occur at an appreciable rate, other proteins called _____________, must attach to a distal control element. A _________ ___________ protein must bend the DNA so that the distal control element is brought close to the promoter region. A group of ______________ proteins is held by the _____________ proteins and brought in contact with the promoter region. Then the gene can be expressed.
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Laurence Laurence | 8 days ago
Come on. You are better than this. It's a homework, I know but this isn't the way to learn. Any way, I'll help you. But they are not in order. Yeah. You need to learn. Transcription Trans-acting element (Activation factors) - I think it's used twice in this but I'm not sure. Sorry. TATA Mediator DNA bending
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Laurence Originally Answered: I have question about genes?
Genealogy is about researching family trees..........it is not about genetics, you are better to ask in science/biology as that category deals with genetics........... we just research the paper trail of written records our dead ancestors generated while alive.........so it tells us little or nothing about hair/eye colour................................
Laurence Originally Answered: I have question about genes?
Well there had to be someone with those traits at some point in the family. What you really mean is that there is no one know at the present time with those traits. If you could go back lets say 8 generations (about 200 years) you might find that there was a family with carrot color hair and green eyes. It sounds like you are confused about genetics and how far back traits can come from.
Laurence Originally Answered: I have question about genes?
Sounds like a beautiful baby. Darwin, the father of Darwinism (survival of the fittest and all that) said that mutations (which causes hair/eye color changes, skin tones, head/body shape, and all that) are passed down for 100 generations. In other words, both parents could display characteristics of common ancestors back before Christ, possibly even Nefertiti, Confucius, and Julius Caesar. “Mapping Human History: Discovering the Past Through Our Genes” by Steve Olson. People keep thinking in terms of Mendelian genetics; perhaps dominance/recessive works for peas, but for humans it is a lot more complicated. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromosomal... and http://www.genetic-inference.co.uk/blog/... The main thing affecting what a baby will look like is called "re-combination". So, most likely, one or both parents has ancestors with "orange hair and sea green eyes". By the way, I have never been to even one genealogy site that says what hair/eye color an ancestor had, their height, body build, religion, or politics. In other words, unless someone kept a diary or for some reason the person was quite different (Eric the Red, etc.) there would be no way of knowing what hair/eye color an ancestor had. So, one more site: mulattodebate.websitetoolbox.com/post/...

Laurence Originally Answered: Why do genes have only one template strand?
Only 1 strand of DNA in DNA replication and protein synthesis is used, called the coding strand (as oppose to the non coding strand). You only need 1 template as both are just the opposite of each other and whatever template you use, the complimentary base pairs will be used to obtain a strand identical to the non coding strand as only certain bases can pair with others (G with C and A with T in DNA and G with C and A with U in RNA)

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