My cat won't come upstairs.?

My cat won't come upstairs.? Topic: Outside the box problem solving
May 26, 2019 / By Omri
Question: I've had two cats for 12 years now. They like to pee on things regardless of the litter box, so we've mostly kept them downstairs. About a month ago the brother of the two passed away and I try to make the sister come upstairs to be with us (we visit them quite often but we're upstairs more than downstairs) but she just meows like she's in pain and runs back downstairs. Why is this and how can I get her to be less afraid? It makes me sad :( I'm afraid she misses him terribly and will be lonely down there, even if we visit when we leave she meows. I want her to stay upstairs so she can sleep with us, etc, but she won't budge. Help!
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Lawrie Lawrie | 4 days ago
It sounds as though she may be grieving for her brother. Cats do notice the absence of a close companion, and may at first spend time searching or call for them. For some cats, the continued absence of their friend can be very distressing and in some cases, will lead on to depression. They are also creatures of habit, and the basement, with all it's familiar smells is her territory, which is why she feels safer there. Was a medical or behavioural cause for the urinating outside of the litter box ever found? Cats find it comforting to be surrounded by their own scent, and if they are feeling anxious or insecure for some reason, they may resort to urinating as a way of putting their scent everywhere. If she's still not using the litter box, and hasn't been seen by a vet recently, then it's time to take her in for a check up. Try using a Feliway plug-in upstairs, as they emit an aroma that cats find comforting. This will create a "friendly" atmosphere that may encourage her to spend more time with you. Spoil her with her favourite food treats, and if she'll allow you, spend more time than usual grooming her. These actions will make her associate upstairs with positive things, and the grooming will help strengthen the bond between you. Try to gradually increase each day, the amount of time she spends upstairs with you. Don't be tempted to prevent her from returning to the basement, as she needs to know that her "safety zone" is still there if she needs it. The web article "When Cats Grieve" has lots of information and advice that you may find useful in helping her cope with the death of her brother. http://www.messybeast.com/cat-grief.htm The Celia Haddon Cat Problem page has a check list of 18 reasons why cats stop using their litter box, which may also help you solve that problem. http://www.celiahaddon.co.uk/pet%20probl... Hope this helps.
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Jachin Jachin
My cat was afraid of the stairs at first, her brother wasn't and he would go up the stairs and that enraged her and she would attack him as soon as he came back down, she was scared of the stairs so I carried her up the stairs and she wanted down so she had to use the stairs to get back down and eventually she got used to it, just carry the cat upstairs and she will adapt eventually
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Fingal Fingal
Maybe get her a new friend. Take her to a cat adoption center and if she gets along with one of the cats there then get that new kitty. Get the two cats close and teach the new cat that its okay to be upstairs. Your old cat will want to be with the new cat and over time will come up stairs on its on. And when it does pet it and give it a treat each time it comes up stairs.
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Darby Darby
You could try going down there and giving the cat company for maybe a few minutes at a time, once or twice a day. Maybe she will come upstairs if she builds more trust in you. I have a skittish cat that doesn't like to be picked up, but she loves being talked to. I hope that helps some.
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Azaniah Azaniah
let her come up in her own time. put treats at the top of the stairs, leave her to go there in her time. when she does maybe she will explore. move the treats more and more away from the stairs each time. (only put 1 so she wants more) then in time she will learn that its safe.. she is just scared because its a new environment
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