I need help writing a paragraph? describe a memorable day in your life?

I need help writing a paragraph? describe a memorable day in your life? Topic: Details in writing a paragraph
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Question: The memorable day in my life was when my daughter Iyannah Jade was born. I am stuck what to write about do I describee the events when she was born? Need sure what to write about can you guys give me ideas?
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Lawson Lawson | 5 days ago
Try to personalize it more: Words cannot describe the delight I had at the birth of my precious daughter, Lyannah Jade. Carrying her around in my belly, eating the right foods, waiting and wondering what my baby would look like, struggling through the first trimester, going through labor just before the birth, the pain during the birthing process-- all pale in comparison to the joy I experienced when I held my new baby girl. Holding Lyannah Jade in my arms for the first time was such a beautiful, loving event I forgot all about the labors pains and struggle it took for her to get here. It truley was the most memorable day in my life. Of course, you would have to put in your own details and experience, I'm just giving you some ideas to get you out of "writers block".........good luck!
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