Could i be pregnant???

Could i be pregnant??? Topic: Cold case shooting
July 18, 2019 / By Oran
Question: im just wondering if i mite be pregnant. i had unprotected sex (my husband and i are ttc). i had a normal period in october an then while it came on time in november (around the 2nd or 3rd) it was extremely light. i took a pregnancy test 2 days ago which is about a week after my so called period but it came back negative. . . . ive calculated dates an if i am pregnant i conceived around the 15th of october so id only be like not quite 4 weeks-could that be to early 2 get a positive result? and could that have been implantation? now i have had mild cramping off and on, and my face is breaking out but my period isn't due for another 3 weeks. also ive been extremely thirsty an while everyone else is freezing cold i am hot.... is there a chance i could still be pregnant or am i just wishing to hard? and if so when should i take another test? ?
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Leeroy Leeroy | 10 days ago
Your cycle in Novemeber more then likely was a period, albeit mild. The thing is if you had a period in October unless it was about the 24th or 25th the bleeding would not be implantation as that occurs between the 10th and 12th day. That being the case if you took a hpt 2 days ago that would put you at about day 25 days dpo and you would definitely have enough hcg in your system to register a positive hpt, even the most weak of tests. The thing is if you conceived on the 15th of october your implantation bleeding would have already passed by the 1st or 2nd. Don't mean to shoot down your hopes but in my professional opinion I'd say try this cycle as I don't think it happened yet.
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I have asthma as well and am using a rescue inhaler without maintenance medicine. I'm seventeen weeks pregnant. So far my baby seems healthy and is hitting all the right milestones. I just wanted to say, it's not your doctor's fault if a drug is "schedule C" since such drugs cannot ethically be tested in controlled, randomized, double-blind studies. In cases where schedule C medicine is already being taken by the mother, doctors will generally weigh the risks and benefits of keeping the mother on such medication and will only take you off of it if the risks outweigh the benefits. Again, the lack of studies is not your doctor's fault since such studies cannot be done under the ethical guidelines that govern every study in this country. Such research is illegal. In this case, the benefit is you being able to breathe, so your doctor will likely not take you off the medication or try to modify it, as this can cause more problems than the risks justify. My doctor did not take me off of my inhaler either and so far everything is going great. This is the best answer you are going to get from any doctor. However, if the particular way in which your doctor handled telling you is upsetting you, then by all means get a new one. Just don't expect to get a more sure answer from another doctor, or expect a new doctor to know what effect a schedule C drug could have on your baby. The best answer any doctor can give you is that it's uncertain.
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I am currently 30 weeks preggo, and I have asthma, in fact I had an attack for the first time in 2 years about two weeks ago, and they gave me a steroid pill called prednisone to help improve my lungs and make sure that the baby doesnt come out too soon and they gave me two different inhalers an as needed one [[xopenex]] and another to take every day [[QVAR]], i did freak at first about whether or not it was going to have a negative impact on the development of my child, but two different doctors as well as my prenatal doctor all insured me that everything is okay and the baby will be fine, that the medication actually helps to strengthen my sons lungs while he is in there, if you still dont feel safe about the whole thing then ask maybe another doctor or two to get their opinions on it if you havent already. one thing that i was adviced to do is stay away from any scented fragrances or candles as well as house cleaning products, and air fresheners do everything in a natural way because when you are pregnant your asthma usually worsens. hope this helped you
Leeroy Originally Answered: Any women pregnant with asthma or ever been pregnant with asthma?
I've had asthma since I was 7 and am pregnant with my 4th. The asthma is the priority for management because if you have an attack or other crisis it's no good for either of you. I currently take Advair and albuterol daily. It is also a class C drug where it's unethical to test on pregnant women and if the benefits outweigh the risks it's prescribed. I'd talk to a pharmacist or get in touch with your pulmonologist if you have one to discuss other options. I looked at the insert for QVAR online and it showed tetragenic effects at something 191 times the prescribed level....you can weigh that out and decide how you feel about taking it.

Jade Jade
You are not pregnant. Try again right now. You are approximately at the fertile stage of this month's cycle. Pregnancy tests are valid even a few days before your period is due. The fact that you got a negative a week after your "period" (whether it was or not a period) means negative it is. You are fertile 2 weeks before a period comes. Good luck!
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