Mother & son doing very brutal martial arts practices.what do you think?

Mother & son doing very brutal martial arts practices.what do you think? Topic: How to write about your art practice
June 25, 2019 / By Ormerod
Question: ok, i know this is kinda very long, but please take the time to read it.... my younger sister (four years younger than me, she's 43) is doing this martial arts (don't know the exact name of it) sport for years now, and she's really tough. she looks like a normal attractive mature lady when you see her, but when she fights, you get really scared of her. anyway, her 17 year old son started the same a couple of months ago. he joined her class (she's one of the instructors) and it seems like he's really into it. and it's funny, cause he too usually looks like an average skinny teenager (he's indeed a little nerdy and very shy and even a bit of a mimosa, but in a very likeable way), but when he's doing this sport, he really seems much tougher. i admire how fast he learned this all. he's practicing with his mom at least two times a week besides the class at home. some time ago, i watched a fight between them for the first time. i was really shocked how brutally they were kicking each other, but still i was very impressed by it! (though it was very weird that she was wearing those really really thin see through white track pants and her black thong was completely visible underneath for everyone's "amusement", and all the guys in the audience were talking about "the tough chick's sexy booty"....that was awkward, since she's still my little sister) but anyway....at one point, he suddenly recieved a horrible kick in the crotch by her and went straight down and so she won the fight! (i didn't even know this was allowed there, but obviously it is) he was curled up on the ground and writhing in pain while she held her arms up in the air in triumph. but later my nephew assured me he was fine and that it's all part of the sport and it's ok. later that day i had a talk with my sister. i asked her whether he was wearing any kind of protection "down there" and she said none, and that it was his own decision. i asked her why in the world he would do that and she said he wanted to "toughen up" down there, and that they are "working on that"....i had no idea what she meant by that. a couple of days later i visited her at her house. i saw her practicing with her son, nothing special. but then they showed me what she meant.... they were standing facing each other, and she was holding him by his wrists. his legs were slightly spread and then she lifted her right leg. and suddenly she swung it forward it kicked her son between the legs with her foot! and again and again! she was kicking him with the instep of her bare foot, not full force but with a mortally looking swing, and that like every few seconds!! it was like BAM!....short break....BAM!....short break....BAM!....and so on.... my nephew was breathing deeply the whole time and after every single kick, he let out a deep groan making noises like he was gonna throw up and writhing in pain, but since she was holding his wrists, he couldn't even bend over or move away in any way. this kept going on for some time, only alternated by the same thing only with her swinging her KNEE into his balls! they did this for about 15-20 minutes and then it was finally over! i could barely watch it! after it was done, he immediately crawled away to the couch where he could finally curl up and hold his balls! i guess i don't have to tell you how irritated and shocked i was by the whole thing! my sister then said they were doing this at least once a week! and all just to make him getting used to testicular pain, to toughen up in the balls! but she said it was HIM insisting on doing it and she warned him alot, but he still wants to do this extremyl brutal practice on regular basis! in the end she sat down next to her nearly emasculated son. he was still bend over and breathing deeply, trying to deal with the pain, and his mom crossed her legs, lit herself a cigarette, and started fondling his back. she said to him "now honey, how do your balls feel?" abd he groaned out "aaww....like they are cracked, mom" and she said "but you've taken it much better than when we started....i think we're gonna make you have balls of steel sooner or later"....seriously, i kid you not, i did retell this dialogue between them just the way it happened! so, what do you think about this all????!
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Leigh Leigh | 2 days ago
This is really long. ^_^ I'm just trying to figure out why you just stood there for more than 15-20 minutes without saying anything. If you really cared about him, you would talk to your younger sister and tell her to be more easy on him. You would also talk to your nephew and tell him to stop giving his mom permission to do that to him. I'm also a little curious as to why his balls aren't damaged. By any chance, did you over exaggerate any of the story? Just a question. ^_^
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Jadon Jadon
If this is actually real, it's a sick thing to do. That could seriously harm his chances of having kids in the future! Tell her to stop, and tell her why. It's not toughening him up at all, it's only injuring him and telling him how to deal with pain.
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Finnian Finnian
It sounds to me like you are beefing up just how tough they really are. you are aware that doing martial arts in a class is much different than being able to use it on the streets. I would kick the crap out of both your nephew and his mother if either tried to kick me in the jimmy. How many people actually square off with their balls open to be kicked?
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Darin Darin
she is a **** and SHE MUST BE KICK IN HER OVARIES AND PUNCH IN HER PUSY FOR 15-20 MINUTES IN EVERY DAY. HURTS MORE FOR FEMALES IN HER PUSY. Your sister deserve be castrated ovaries and cut off her pusy om kicks
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Azriel Azriel
I think what they choose to do is their business, but you might warn her that her black thongs are creating some negative comments,
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