Why am I getting so irrationally annoyed with customers today?

Why am I getting so irrationally annoyed with customers today? Topic: Customer case
June 21, 2019 / By Orson
Question: I work in a mobile phone store and today every customer that works through the door is making me angry. They don't even have to say anything to annoy me. I'm normally a happy good customer service type of person so why is this happening to me. I'm like so angry I want to smash something.
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Len Len | 7 days ago
I work for A/C contractor and I've had days like that myself. I'm not face to face with customers every single day. ...but I have worked retail counters in the past so I know how it is. In my case when I was having a bad day like that it was usually a lack of sleep or a misspoken word at home, forgetting something I needed, or a boss who just doesn't know when to close his mouth. I can get angry like that even at my current job if I'm trying to do something that requires my undivided attention but get constant interruptions.
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Act irrationally means that they act without thinking. They are in love. Their heart rules their actions and they are not thinking clearly about their actions or the consequences.

Jahzeel Jahzeel
I am a secretery at an insurance agency and I swear, people call me with the DUMBEST questions, but I just have to take a deep breath, put on my fake little smile and go on about my day. I actually really hate my job which is why I think the customers piss me off so much. I think that the more you like your job, the easier it is to be happy while working.
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Florence Florence
When ever you have to work with the public you will have good days and you will have bad days. It happens to everyone. It could be because you didn't sleep well last night or maybe you are hungry or maybe you are just having a bad day period. My daughter has to work with the public and if she knows she is having a bad day, she just tells her co-workers to help her or she is going to kill someone. lol They always cover for each other in this circumstance.
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Darrin Darrin
Probably because the customers are all there to complain...no one ever goes to customer service to say they're HAPPY!
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Bailey Bailey
Are you hungry, lonely, tired or PMS? What else is going on in your life that might be coming up today?
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You've already gotten some great suggestions - so I'm going to add something different. Who makes more money? A general practitioner? Or, a specialist? Most people would agree that in the medical field specialists make a lot more money than a generalist - and that's true in business as well. So you need to learn to be "the expert" in your particular area of graphic design and communicate to people that you're a specialist. That will help to make you more in demand - rather than trying to say that you can do everything and anything. When I look at what you've typed: Chicago Based Base Price $50 Increases by $5 a day... I know nothing about you. I don't know what you're good at. I don't know what you've done or what you enjoy doing. I know nothing about the experience of doing business with you. All you've shared is a rate - and when you do that people look for the cheapest rate - and you don't want to do business with the lowest bidder because if they find someone cheaper they will drop you in a heartbeat and go to someone even cheaper. Business is competitive and with a professional service like graphic design you want to compete on quality - not on price. People do business with people they like and your brand is not just about a logo and a look - but it's all about the experience of doing business with you. Many visually oriented people like graphic designers, fashion designers and artists fall into the trap of thinking your work should sell itself. And it's upsetting sometimes to think that having a portfolio should do it all - but it's not enough. Not nearly enough. In my experience graphic designers are highly detail oriented and they often aren't as people oriented. Learn to write emotionally compelling copy and prospective clients will get that you are a warm, caring person and believe me, that matters right along with your skills. Also, I advise graphic designers that they impress upon clients that you don't just know how to manipulate graphic design software but you really "get' the elements of design and how to make things look attractive, balanced, dynamic and just plain "right." If you don't have a portfolio yet and you're just trying to break in and get a little work SOMEWHERE - see if you can do a little pro bono work for a non-profit. Tell them ahead of time that you'll ask for a testimonial you can use for your business if they're happy with your work. In fact ask for a testimonial from everyone. The recommendations of others can help a great deal. And as I said earlier - you've already gotten some great suggestions. You need to be warm, personable and a pleasure for people to work with. My book on marketing for women home-based business owners could be very helpful to you so that you'll be much more knowledgeable about marketing and feel much less overwhelmed. Hope this is helpful for you. all the best, Denise Michaels Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing" PS: Get the book at http://www.tfmbook.com

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