I need some advice on doing business.?

I need some advice on doing business.? Topic: How to write ad for newspaper
June 25, 2019 / By Orval
Question: I have been asked to represent a company and they have asked me to advertise and promote them using my own company as a local representative (they are outside the US) and that they will pay for the advertising charges. We have a written understanding that any business that develops through me will have me included in their commissions. Before placing the ad in the newspaper, they have asked me to include their website in the ad. Question now is: How will I know which business has come through the advertisement, since the ad will have their direct website (and contact details)? OR....... How do I tell them that I wont include their website? Any help or ideas will be appreciated, I'm young and am starting out in business. Thanks.
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Lenard Lenard | 8 days ago
They will need to set up a page on their site for your company - example, if they are company XYZ and you are company ABC, then the website address you put in your ad would be: www.XYZ.com/ABC - the page would then re-direct to their home page, but there would be an internal flag attached to that visitor (via cookie) indicating that they came from your ad.
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Jai Jai
You are being scammed. Do not trust anyone from outside your country. If you cannot get at them to file suit when they screw you, don't get involved.
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