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July 18, 2019 / By Aaren
Question: I asked this in another section too. i'm sorry this is going to be so long. It's a very long story and I need a mastermind that is good at thinking through plans and has a organized brain. OK: here it goes: A couple months ago I started hanging out with people a year younger than me. (So if I'm a junior I started hanging out with sophomores) I know it's not "cool" or anything, but my class was just so BORING. I love the people I hang out with; they're fun, smart, and overall well-rounded and graciously accepted me into the group even though they have been hanging out together probably since 5th grade. I think they may even like me. OK, so the people in my class never liked me all that much to start with, but now they have been really kind of nasty. Like today in class we had some spare time after an essay we had to write and we played Trivial Pursuit and we only play with the cards and whichever team answers the most right wins sort of thing. So I was the speaker (the person that announces our team's final answer) and apparently I wasn't talking to EVERYONE and getting everyone's opinion. But they were really random questions like: What were the Hawaiian Islands called before they were a state? and like anyone REALLY knew they answers, it was really based on luck and guess. So if I happened to guess wrong (after getting maybe not everyone's a opinion, but it's a GUESS right?) the person that (lucky them) guessed right then IT'S MY FAULT. Not cool, right? But then they wanted to kick me off as the speaker! (I know it's not really a HUGE deal but still) I couldn't help it; I started tearing up. I don't know, I was hurt. I wasn't CRUSHED or anything. But still. Apparently, the teacher noticed and mouthed, "Are you OK?" I said I was, but of course I wasn't. Then someone else must have saw and asked if I was crying. I said I wasn't, but then of cours right then the tears started coming. I wasn't bawling or anything, but it was FAR noticeable because my eyes were all red and puffy. What would you do? But that's not the end of the story. There's another thing that's bothering me that I may as well slab into this question too: OK, the the people that are a grade lower than me (maybe that's a better way to put it) really like me as friends and there's only 1 guy (sometimes 2 or 3, but rarely they join in) on it. EVERYONE says he likes me. My mom, the girl in my grade, and the VICE-PRINCIPAL! my mom thinks so because she's my mom and she says she just knows. I dunno what my classmate thinks, but the Vice-Principal thinks so because he always steals my hat (the ones with a huge pom-pom) and runs away and I have to chase him until the bell rings. The problem? I honestly like him too, but how can I take everyone's word for it? He sort of tries to avoid me (i can tell. he answers my questions and stuff and talks to me a little, but as little as possible) since I started trying to spend a little more time with him. Is this because he doesn't want people to suspect he likes me? Or because he honestly doesn't like me? He asked me to do something with him once, but maybe it was just friendly. I've known him far longer than I joined this group, but not exactly personally or anything. I mean, we went trick-or-treating when we were ten, but you know, we were ten. And I have NO idea how to ask him out of I should at all. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!?
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Solomon Solomon | 1 day ago
Wow. I know how you feel. I was so close to crying while I was reading this. That's why I'm here to help! ^_^ Sorry, this will be very long as well. ^_^ First, the people that you hang out with now (the sophomores) sound like better friends than the juniors. It sounds like you are doing the right thing. It's always good to find new friends if your old ones are dull and boring. But it shouldn't matter about what the juniors think. And they're only being mean and aggressive towards you because you are not hanging out with them. But that's okay because you deserve better. If they are being mean to you just because you are hanging out with people that are a lower grade than you, then just stand up for yourself and say something to them like, "Wow..jealousy is not a pretty color on you!" They will pretty much deny that they are not jealous but that's just because they ARE and they don't want to admit it. Plus, those juniors shouldn't be mean to you during class. Next time, if all of them don't give you their opinions, say something to them like, "You guys need to start working together! It's called teamwork! If you just open your mouth we might actually get these questions right!" They might not take you seriously at first but once they learn that you are not joking, they will respect you and if they don't, well that's just too bad because they are just being stupid and retarted! And by the way, I feel for you. I really do. If that situation happened to me, I would start crying too! Just reading it in your perspective was sad enough. If those kids (yes, I said "kids" ^_^) are bad enough to make you cry, then you should put a stop to it! Go to your counselor or even your principal! They will help and put an end to bullying! And if that doesn't stop it, have your parents pitch in and help. Parents can stop anything! ^_^ And if you ever feel like you are going to cry again during class, (don't worry I cried in class two years ago because of a friend problem), then try to hold it in. If you can't that's okay. It's just because some people are sensitive. That makes two of us!^_^ Ok so, if everyone thinks that this guy likes you, then he probably does. And if you like him then you should spend more alone time with him like after school or something. He's only avoiding you because he's shy and guys are only shy when they are around the girl they like alone. If you want to know if he likes you or not, then just ask him. There's no shame for just asking. If he does like you, great! ^_^ If he doesn't, well that's okay too. You can always just start as friends and see where it takes you. You might want to hold off on the asking him out part unless you know for sure that he's interested in you. But sometimes it's a good way to ask him out and see what his response will be. If he says "yes" then he likes you. If he says "no" then he's probably just not ready to take your friendship to the next level. But don't worry, guys just need time to think about it. And when the time is right, he will come and you will be right there waiting! ^_^ I hope you take my advice! Hope this helps!^_^
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Osborn Osborn
Hey Hon, I think (about the first part) that you're just letting the stress get to you that you don't fit in with your grade level. That's okay, and it happens. If it bothered you, you might want to talk to your teacher (I know that sounds lame, but I did it once and it helped me so much!) because your teacher understands your grade. They teach it all day long! Sometimes just waiting for after class or after school to tell your teacher that you're having a little trouble dealing with some of your emotions can really help. Sometimes they can say one or two things that will help you out or give you more confidence. In that situation, I think that if your teacher had just told your classmates to pay better attention to the speaker in the first place, then the kids wouldn't have upset you, and it wouldn't seem too much like the teacher was sticking up for you... lol These are some of the most confusing years of your life, and there will be breakdowns, meltdowns, crying for no reason, getting angry at nothing, etc. It's TOTALLY okay, believe me! About the second part, sounds to me like he's kinda getting into you as more than a friend. It doesn't sound like he's ready to just suddenly be your boyfriend or anything, but he's definitely flirting (the hat thing is so obvious!) ... If I were you, I would try not to chase after him the next time that he takes the hat. Maybe he'll wear it, then he's just looking for an excuse to be close to you! Or maybe he'll bring it back to you and you can steal something of his to get even. Maybe even say "Keep the hat!" lol One of you needs to say something! Don't be straightforward like "Do you like me?" but you can flirt back... Nothing wrong with that!
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Lennon Lennon
Hey. I say don't do anything for now; don't ask him out or anything. If he likes you, then he probably will himself, eventually. I say just be really close friends with him and forget about him liking you or you liking him, just be friends, for real, that way he'll know what to do and you will be approachable to him, and so will you. One more thing, don't ever let anyone bother you or get on your nerves just because you are a sweet person who likes hanging out with younger people because they act more maturely than the people your age, with you in class do. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. So have fun and don't worry about anything or anyone. You're living for you, not for them. Be happpy ! ;) Take care x
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Jair Jair
looks like this is a job for helpful Hanna (that's me) Anyway as for the people in your class, forget about them, you know who your friends are, and they obviously aren't! Next time just say, if you've got a problem then tell me, stop shouting at me and do it yourself. Don't let anyone knock you down. The boy situation: just hang about with him, and have small talk and gradually build it up, since your in a group organise a day where you all go out, but just tag along with him, ask him to join then sit next to him and ect. Hope this helps, if you need any help just email me.
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Foley Foley
Before I dozed off in the last paragraph or so I got the impression that you were bullying the younger kids because you felt superior to them. You really should find some more-age-appropriate friends to hang out with or your social skills will slide down to zero.
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