My Mazda 3 Engine Over heated.?

My Mazda 3 Engine Over heated.? Topic: Rest engine
July 19, 2019 / By Abagael
Question: I have a Mazda 3 2007 model (1.6 lit engine) .and the engine over heated due to some carelessness by the mechanics. Ok first of all, i messed d gear box up when i ran full speed into a ditch.The mechanics replaced that and forgot to clip my radiator hose. I have no clue what was going on there. Anyway, u know the rest of the story. The care overheated and my gasket was gone. The problem was that they did it twice. So I had my gasket fixed twice. Someone irresponsibly drove the car in that state without a new gasket so I thnk the engine is screwed. I suspect the engine has serious issues but the mechanic keeps arguing otherwise. performance ain't close to before. And it takes a pretty long time to start in the morning. What would anyone suggest? I live in Nigeria and I really love the car. Should I just get rid of it or can I get a good engine replacement deal?
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Sonny Sonny | 3 days ago
uh.....well if the radiator hosescame off id say theres no more collant keeping it cool lol if i understood right. and what gasket are we talking about? your mechanics suck man. take that thing somewhere else. once engines get really hot they dont performe as well as before. and by start do you mean warm up? if so it might be your engine i think. maybe one of your pistons is messed up. does the car miss?
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There's nothing you can do to the Tribute to improve on the MPG. That's what they get. The mpg you're getting just tells me that you aren't beating your car up. It's a 200 hp V6 and an SUV- sounds pretty good at 17 mpg. I would expect less from most drivers. Minivans get about the same. If you're looking for something to help improve that, it doesn't exist. People tend to think that they can do better than the manufacturer. Remember this: The manufacturer spent years and millions of dollars in research and development to find the perfect balance for your vehicle. If you improve in one area, you'll sacrifice something in return. It's built to be the best it can be at everything. By the way, those are nice. Did you by the LX or ES? Just asking. FYI: I don't believe that you are doing anything wrong with this truck. Real world economy would dictate that your mpg is accurate at 17/19 mpg. C7S makes some valid points but your Tribute sounds like every other V6 Tribute I've encountered. I personally know eight people that either own a Tribute or an Escape (same car), and they all get about the same mpg that you get with the exception of one who gets less- but she has four wheel drive and live in the mountains.
Sonny Originally Answered: I have a mazda tribute v6 that only makes maybe 17 miles to the gallon?
I have a compact car with a 4 cylinder engine. It is supposed to get 33mpg city and 39mpg highway. But with the way I drive, and with the age of the car, I average 26mpg and cannot reach 300 miles on one tank of gas, when It used to reach at least 450 miles with a 10.5 gallon tank. Your car has some miles on it so gas mileage will not be as good as it used to be when it was new. These also affect gas mileage: You must replace air filter every 6000 miles or 6 months You should replace sparkplugs every 2 years. You should have replaced your distributor cap and sparkplug wires a few times by now. Tire pressure must be correct. Car must be clean. Car with a full trunk means extra weight for worse gas mileage. 50 lbs makes a difference. Driving at 65mph uses 15% more fuel than driving at 55mph. That is why speed limits in most highways are 55mph. The 55mph speed limit was made during the last oil crisis. You might be accelerating too hard and using yur brakes too much.
Sonny Originally Answered: I have a mazda tribute v6 that only makes maybe 17 miles to the gallon?
A new exhaust / intake would give you a couple extra miles. It will sound like a sports car though. :/

Oscar Oscar
Contact your local government that deals with such things and tell them that I know over here they would be liable for the entire engine and labor if I understand you correctly, your police may also be able to guide you in the proper direction
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Oscar Originally Answered: 1996 mazda 626 side cover head gasket?
Never heard of a side cover head gasket....Hard to say people make up different terms when they are not sure what they are talking about, a valve coevr gasket perhaps? Or a timing cover seal? If it is leaking oil near the top of the engine chances are it is the valve cover, if at the front of the engine, (where the belt is), it is not the valve cover gasket.
Oscar Originally Answered: 1996 mazda 626 side cover head gasket?
Perhaps the diagnosis was "leak on side of valve cover gasket" If this is what was meant, the right thing to do is to remove the valve cover and clean it thoroughly with oven cleaner to remove sludge. CLean both surfaces. Sometimes, the original gasket can be reused if it is made with rubber. If it is torn or not continuous, buy a new gasket from Mazda. It's not that much. Good Luck!!

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