Do you guy's know any quirky ways my characters could meet in my story?

Do you guy's know any quirky ways my characters could meet in my story? Topic: How to write an ad for job opening
July 18, 2019 / By Abaigeal
Question: I've been writing a book for about a year now, and this is the first time I've ever been stuck... I know everything BUT how my character Jayce and Ella meet. They were friends from the beginning, but they were apart for a really long time, and then I need a good way for them to meet each other again. Ella left him when she was fifteen, and then comes back when she's 21. So I need some exciting ideas that don't sound too cliche, please. Much appreciated!
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Spike Spike | 7 days ago
Jayce joined the military right out of high school. A few years later he married and got a child. Ella is looking for part-time work while attending college. She responds to an ad to look after a 2 year old boy. The woman who posted the ad wanted to meet Ella before she makes the decision to hire her. Ella arrives at the house and the husband answers the door. Ella is very surprised to see "you know who" open the door. Jayce, in the military, happens to be stationed in the same area Ella is going to college. Talk about an awkward moment. ________________________ Another idea: Jayce plans to marry a couple weeks later. He and a bunch of friends want to have a bachelor party. Ella is trying to earn extra money while attending college. She gets a job as a stripper and gets a call to go to a bachelor party. You can guess what happens next.
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Spike Originally Answered: Any tips on how my characters should meet??
I think you should make it an extremely awkward, yet really cute meet. An example would be, if they keep bumping into each other accidentally when walking past. Or if she trips and falls, right on him. Or if she walks into the wrong bathroom. Or like what Sabrina said. How they are forced to sit together and he kind of just uncomfortably sits there. But it's your story. Anything works. Let your imagination flow. :))

Ossian Ossian
She's a waitress at a very popular Mexican place. Him and his friends go there but before the waitress comes he goes to the bathroom. His friends pretend that they don't know English so Ella is going through an Spanish to English dictionary try to get there orders. He comes from behind her and scares her so she jumps and another waitor accidently pours food all over them. She gets mad until she notices who heb is. Just an idea!
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Leroi Leroi
I think a really funny sort of quirky way would be if both of them were on vacation somewhere and they couldn't understand the signs for the bathrooms in a restaurant or something and they ended up being in the same bathroom together. Or maybe you could work it out somehow if they weren't on vacation as well.
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Jamar Jamar
-she decides to move and he wants to move too and he looks at houses and sees her -get a job in the same place -she works somewhere ex:doctors office:resturant, and the other person goes there and sees her i hope i helped or gave inspiration!
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Foster Foster
They meet at her favorite band's concert. But he didn't know it was her favorite and he was actually dragged there by some friends.
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Davy Davy
well they could go to the same restaurant or something like that and see each other well this is my idea
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Davy Originally Answered: How should i make my main characters meet?
how bout with their mutual friend? if there is any ofc. like..their mutual friend for instance talked to the girl and they're gonna meet somewhere. restaurant whatever. the girl got impatient of waiting for him/her so she was like writing notes ( like her number etc ) her mum called so she left immediately. she forgot to bring the notebook with her ( w/c she used to write the notes and so on ) then the guy was there he sat where the girl left her notebook. he saw her nb then he contact the number,sent her a text and so on but he hesitated to tell her his name, the girl also did the same. then the guy saw a list in school where the new students wrote their contacts and so on he saw his and the girls number. he didn't realized that the girl was standing beside him. they both noticed that they recognized the number of e/o and when then the girl's book fell the guy noticed it they both bent over to get the book..they slowly look at e/o's eyes, knowing that the face that they're seeing seems so familiar....and ~~~~ you can add whatever u want in here :) hope it helps tho.

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