What can I teach my daughter next?

What can I teach my daughter next? Topic: Teach writing letters toddlers
June 21, 2019 / By Abbey
Question: She's caught on really well with everything I've taught her and I'd like to teach her something new now that she's mastered everything else. I just can't think of anything. She is 3 years old and so far she knows... -ABCs (alphabet, letters, and letter sounds) -123s (can count up to 13 when she's not pretending she don't know it, and identifies numbers 1-9, and can count items up to 10) -shapes (basic ones) -colors -good coordination (beading, stuff like that) -does puzzles alright (25 piece) Everything she's learned I've taught her through play and starfall.com so it's not like I'm forcing her to sit down and learn. Any ideas on what wouldn't be too hard for her to learn next? toddler games is a good idea...we play hide and seek and tag and stuff like that but have no board games.
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Originally Answered: Should my daughter go to school where I teach?
The high school requirement is a 4 year degree + state certification For crappy online schools, you don't even need a degree For community colleges, you need at least a masters degree. Some very rare cases, just a B.S. or B.A. degree. For State Universities, private schools, and ivy league schools, you need a PhD or doctorate. You can teach at community college with just a masters degree.
Originally Answered: Should my daughter go to school where I teach?
She needs a Master's degree - not a PhD. Of course, with a PhD, she could do it as well. Unless she is absolutely in love with teaching high school, she has a Master's. Are you sure she actually teachers at the college level and its not a GED prep course or something else. College campuses are not used only for college. They VERY frequently rent out rooms at night for tons and tons of other purposes.

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