Plz help on my essay?

Plz help on my essay? Topic: Personality essay ideas
July 18, 2019 / By Abbie
Question: plz help me on my essay emmergency, its DUE TOMMROW? Topic: The impact of Mass media on the personality development of youth in the present. i have ideas on what to write, but not how to structure it, and my teacher is not the kind of person to ask help he just gives assignments ( just here for pay) it has to be at least 900 words i have to do a outline 1st and its due tommrow, then the essay is due in friday, PLZ HELP!!! Introduction: 1st body: 2nd body: 3rd body: Conclusion:
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Stacy Stacy | 10 days ago
don't stress. it shouldn't be too hard to come up with 900 words. First start your intro with an interesting story (Maybe someone who has been deeply affected by the media, like committing a violent act.) Then for the next three papragraphs introduce an idea or argument that you have about the topic. Finally, sum up your three points. Just start writing and worry about how to organize it later.
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Othniel Othniel
Do some research on the internet if you have to. The outline should be brief. Use your outline to do the essay. Your intro should state what exactly you are writing to the audiance. Your first body paragraph should introduce the The impact of Mass media on the personality development of youth in the present. your second body paragraph should be more detailed. Your third body should also be detailed. And your conclusion should your opinions and feeling and a brief statement of the whole essay. Hope this help. Don't sweat it you will do OK
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Lesley Lesley
i think of Zureen has given a solid stuff for ur essay so i'd provide u a superb start up - sunlight shouts - - I provide u loose power yet no person is using wind whistles - -I provide u loose power yet no person is using tides tell - -I provide u loose power yet no person is using
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