How can i start my essay on why i want to be a nurse?

How can i start my essay on why i want to be a nurse? Topic: How to start my application essay
July 18, 2019 / By Abbigail
Question: im trying to get into med school theyre only choosing 24 students out of hundreds of applications, so i need something thats going to really stand out! do you have any reasons on why you want to be a nurse
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Best Answers: How can i start my essay on why i want to be a nurse?

Stan Stan | 2 days ago
To start an awesome essay you create an introduction which describes the subject - so u could write what nursing is all about ie taking care of your patients and generally helping people. The last sentence in the introduction u introduce urself into the essay eg "and this is exactly why nursing is my passion, because helping people is..blabla" then all the follow up paragraphs talk in detail about the things u mentioned in short in ur introduction. good luck!
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Otniel Otniel
A good story on WHY you wanted to be a nurse might be a good start, ie. influenced by some nurse that took care of you when you're young?
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