Why is classical music lame?

Why is classical music lame? Topic: Test able hypothesis for kids
July 19, 2019 / By Abbygael
Question: Just kidding. Please take your hands off your head, breathe, and help me out. I am currently studying music, but also taking sociology this semester. For my sociology project I am asking you classical fans/students for your cooperation in helping me complete this survey. Please answer each question to any extent you would like, just -please- keep it pg-13. I do not care if it is brutal. Also, it may be considered rude to ask for your age, so if possible just list the decade, if not possible, just put n/a, but this survey is linking age to music genres, and I chose classical :) ps. You will remain anonymous on my results, but unfortunately not on this website. 1. Age 2. Favorite composer 3. Favorite piece 4. Why would you choose classical over another genre(s) of music. 5. What got you into classical? 6. If you could spend a whole day and night with one composer or famous instrumentalist who would it be, and why? I will include myself. 1.23 2.Mozart 3.Mozart's symphony 41. "Jupiter" 4. Classical does not give you lyrics to depend on, you can let your imagination run free. 5. Elementary school band... clarinet.... honestly probably the most fun times of my life. 6.I'd spend the whole day with Mozart, chasing after women. Then I would ask him to write me a piece and when I returned to 2009 I would sell it for millions. My hypothesis was that any age can enjoy classical. Any age can listen to classical, and any musician at any age considers classical music stepping stones to perfection. Counter: Classical is hard to interpret sometimes, does not appeal as much to younger crowds, and seems to hide in the shadows more and more as time goes by. Sorry for the question's title.... oh yeah.... <3 Whew... glad this turned out alright. Again, I apologize for contributing to temporary extremely high blood pressure, furious rants, holes in walls, and popped brain arteries. I would like to thank every single one of you for participating in this survey. And it's really awesome to see such a wide range of ages! I believe the oldest was 74 years, and the youngest being 13... amazing! It was really great to read all of your answers, and hopefully I will be able to do something like this again. Unfortunately there is no best answer to this survey, as everyone here has a best answer, so I will let the voters decide. Please excuse me if this is being rude :( Again, thanks to every single one of you and I hope you are having a great weekend. -Adam
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Stanley Stanley | 5 days ago
1. 21 2. Franz Schubert 3. Schubert's Fantasy in F minor D.940 (link below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L36a9E6Pd0Q AND Schubert's Klavierstucke Impromptu D.946 (link below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZYrfSyNlhY 4. Classical music is immortal. It has withstood the test of time, and always will. 5. Grew up listening to my older brother play the piano. I truly fell in love with classical music when I was 13 and saw the movie Amadeus. 6. Although Schubert is my favorite composer, I would spend it with Franz Liszt, simply because Liszt is my favorite pianist. I would die happy if I could see him play. I dare to say that perhaps he was the greatest pianist the world will ever experience.
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Stanley Originally Answered: What Classical Music Should I Listen To?
Well if you like Mozart, he wrote lots of other great stuff. His later symphonies are very nice, especially the last three. He wrote some great piano sonatas. And 'serenades' like Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Beethoven sort of picked up where Mozart left off. Beethoven's early stuff sounds a lot like Mozart but then he developed the 'romantic' style he's famous for. Bach came before Mozart, and his music was so characteristic of the baroque period that the baroque period is considered to have ended in 1750 when Bach died. Bach's music is very 'mathematical', and you either like it or you don't. Bach wrote a lot of organ music including many 'toccata and fugue' pieces (a toccata is a fancy piece with lots of flourishes, a fugue is three or four parts that weave all around each other, each taking turns with the theme.) For later music, Tchaikowski is very popular. Tchaikowski wrote some delightful symphones and concerti but his best stuff is his ballets. The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, and others. If you like piano music, there were two 'golden ages' of piano. One in the early 19th century with Chopin and Liszt, and another around the turn of the 20th century with Debussy, Scriabin and others. In the early 20th century we have composers widening the whole definition of music--what Picasso and Braque were doing to art and Einstein was doing to physics. My favorites are Stravinsky, Prokofiev, etc. Also Debussy, Faure, etc. were doing music that reminds me of impressionist paintings. The thing to do is to 'listen around' to various periods and types of music. Look for other pieces by the composers you like, and other composers for the periods you like. We're talking about several centuries of music here, so it's hard to generalize. I can only tell you what i like, not necessarily what you will like.

Oz Oz
1.54 2.hmm- choice between Mozart and Richard Strauss 3.Choice between Figaro and Rosenkavalier 4.it's complex. You get not only to feel it every time you hear it, but you get to think about it as well. the first person who answered and said there's no beat illustrates that point. He can't think any more- he's got it hammered into him- and he's at the mercy, if you will, of the most primitve element. 5.Chorus in elementary school. guitar lessons at age 11. Jr high and high school chorus, pageants, shows etc. I don't think there was a time that I didn't sing. My parents were not musical, as such. They had a big battle ( I must have been 5 yrs old) were we to have wall-to-wall carpeting or a piano in the living room? The carpeting won. 6. I'd probably hang out with Strauss. At my age, running around with Wolfgang would be too tiring! Strauss loved to play cards ( skat) with the guys, play a little music, have a beer, play a little more, have another beer ( his aunt and uncle owned a brewery in Munich!). although I drink red wine, I'd give it up for a day, and drink beer. He had a wicked sense of humor . I'd love to hang with Birgit Nillson as well as Leontyne Price, Kirsten Flagstad, Regine Crespin, Leonie Rysanek Eva Marton, Ghena Dimitrova, and all the other big dramatic sopranos. But that's just selfishness, cause I'd want to learn more from them. (That's not a complete list, by any stretch of the imagination) By the way, good attention getting question at the top! Like the others, I was ready with something unprintable, but I'm glad I read further first. Keep up the good work! Lynn
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Lew Lew
1. 48 2. J.S. Bach (followed closely by L. van Beethoven) 3. Brandenburg Concertos (Number Six if you need a particular one; four and three are quite up there on the list as well.) 4. Intricate melodies, counter-melodies, theme development, orchestration, dynamics, music more than two minutes long without being repetitive. 5. Classical music on the radio all the time, piano lessons, flute in Jr. High/High school. 6. Tough question, it would have to be someone who spoke the same language I do. Think I might enjoy a day with Leopold Stokowski discussing his "Bach Transcriptions."
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Jankin Jankin
1. 14 (yes I am the baby of the regulars...) 2. Vivaldi 3. Concerto for Lute in D Major (Vivaldi) 4. I like it because it is good music, there is nothing more to it. But maybe it is because classical music requires intelligence to understand, and because I am intellectual I need that in music otherwise I get bored. 5. I heard Der Holle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen, and I was impressed. The more I listened the more I liked it. 6. Composer - Francesca Caccini, I would ask her, how did you do it? I mean she was so "big" for a woman of her era. Instrumentalist - Senesino, or Farinelli, just to hear the castrati voice.
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I couldn't agree more... I do more homework in summer than I do during the year (I usually find time to do my hw at school).

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