How to write a Primary Source Analysis?

How to write a Primary Source Analysis? Topic: Template how to write a book
July 19, 2019 / By Abbygale
Question: I need to write a primary source analysis about ancient Egypt and I have no idea how I even begin to go about this. If you would be so kind as to give me a sort of template I'd be very pleased. My teacher didn't tell me what it was, I guess he assumed I would already know.
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Stef Stef | 7 days ago
Your library probably has some books on how to study and write about history. Look there. But until you do that, I can give you a partial answer, although it may not be exactly what your teacher is looking for. Ask when and where the document was created; who wrote it (not necessarily a individual name, but more importantly what position the writer had in society); who the intended audience was (and who was not likely to be in the intended audience); what the purpose of the document was; what might have been left out of the document and why; stuff like that. Then you can evaluate how reliable the document is -- and if you conclude that it isn't reliable in some way, consider what you can learn about the society you're studying from reading the document anyway, keeping in mind its possible biases. Also consider what kinds of documents that might relate to the same subject matter DON'T exist -- for example, if it's a government document about taxing peasants in a society where most people were illiterate, there probably aren't any documents giving the illiterate peasants' side of the story, and we'd need to be aware of that so that we don't just assume that the existing documents give us the whole story. Those are just some examples of the kinds of things you need to consider when reading a primary source.
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Stef Originally Answered: Is a primary source a newspaper, or what?
I'm pretty sure a primary source has to be a first-hand account, or an account from the time of the event.
Stef Originally Answered: Is a primary source a newspaper, or what?
Newspapers are primary sources. Pictures, photographs, and journal articles are also primary sources. A primary source is are eyewhitness. He might have been there at the time but could have wote it down there, and then came back to work.

Ozzy Ozzy
Your teacher probably explained this while you were looking at your phone or thinking about your penis.
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Ozzy Originally Answered: Would articles from a scientific journal be considered a primary source?
If the author of the article is presenting their own findings, then it would qualify as a primary source. If the author describes or cites information from another study, then the information is no longer primary. You then have to dig up the other cited study.
Ozzy Originally Answered: Would articles from a scientific journal be considered a primary source?
Wikipedia is probably no longer surely ideal. valuable, it has some faults. in spite of if, for worry-loose suggestion, i think of that is fairly lifeless on, pondering an excellent style of the suggestion comes from sturdy and actually information components. you will discover the references maximum circumstances, by way of fact the links are offered. For in spite of reason, i've got continually felt that Wiki gets an excellent style of abuse it does not deserve. that is an exceedingly smart device that often facilitates me company up information or make valuable i'm getting the spelling of names ideal. jointly as the suggestion can get replaced with the aid of absolutely everyone, i've got yet to be certain absolute bogus suggestion final for extremely long. subsequently, i've got faith that could be a particularly sturdy source.

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