Is the US the greatest contemporary Terrorist?

Is the US the greatest contemporary Terrorist? Topic: harvard journal
July 18, 2019 / By Abby
Question: Very, Very short list of US military interventions: http://academic.evergreen.edu/g/grossmaz/interventions.html The list was compiled by Doctorate Students at UC Berkeley, Harvard, and Evergreen as a side project. But, like i said, it's a very short list. Some of my favorite examples of blatant US terrorism and hegemony from the list: - 1963 Iraq: CIA organizes coup that kills president, brings Ba'ath Party to power, and Saddam Hussein back from exile to be head of the secret service. - Iran 1953: CIA overthrows the democratic regime and installs the Brutal, Repressive Shah - Chile 1973 CIA overthrows democratically elected government and installs the most Ruthless military dictator in South American history, Pinochet - And of course, my absolute favorite, G.W. Bush invades Iraq to "save Iraqi's" (i.e. secure Economic, Geopolitical, and Strategic Interests). The war has minimally led to more than 100,000 Poor Iraqi's dying (according to the NEJM: http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/360/16/1585), and maximally more than One Million, according to the most respected medical journal in Britain, The Lancet (just do a google search). So, is the US the greatest terrorist country in the world today? Or is it Israel, with it's cruel, nefarious Occupation of Palestine? Which Colonizer is the worst today? As a related question: Why do we expect people to be Peaceful with us when we Rape their homelands to extend our hegemony? Why should they be Peaceful with us when we're Never Peaceful with them, when we're such As s holes? Mark: It takes a long time for people to respond, so i post the question several times to increase the chance of getting an immediate response. I don't have time to spend all day on YA like you.
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Steph Originally Answered: Isn't the US the greatest terrorist today?
By far! And yes, it is a VERY shortened list, devastating stuff to discover isn't it... Algeria is probably one of the best examples - there are many and the US is always involved! The dictatorial regime there declared war on the democratic opposition, cancelling a second round election once they realised they were going to lose - arresting opposition activists, locking them up and instigating violent 'terrorist' incidents. I think it says a lot that the democratic movement at the time genuinely expected US support... ! Instead they found themselves in a civil war, instigated by the regime, who committed atrocities in the name of the opposition (to marginalise them as 'terrorists'), including butchering tourists and reporters. Between 100,000 and 200,000 (almost all civilians) were raped, tortured and murdered on behalf of the regime. Far from backing the emerging democratic movement against oppression, the US representative a certain Mr Baker, stated that the US had a lot to learn from Algeria in fighting 'terrorism'!! Algeria was one of the worst massacres of the era, alongside Rwanda, but it was hardly reported. It's a classic case of 'making your own enemy' and it just about sums up the whole dirty business of the US war on terror - it should be renamed the War of Terror... This is only one incident of many - far more than most US citizens would possibly imagine. Good (well researched and cross referenced) books on the subject include Rogue State by ex-State Department officer William Blum - which shows the sheer scale and number of atrocities by the US government, many of which were perpetrated against US citizens - and Dining with Terrorists by BBC reporter Phil Rees, which shows the vast gap between the bullshit the media feeds us and what really motivates 'terrorists'. Back to Algeria: the democratic opposition was driven into the arms of Al Quaeda, splitting in to two groups; the most destructive and violent force was later proved to be run by the regime itself (a theme echoed in Israel setting up and running both Abu Nidal and Hamas, and by the USA setting up and running 'Al Quaeda via the Pakistani ISI). Your definition of terrorism is spot on; there are several groups that have been sponsored by the USA that have subsequently been labelled 'terrorists', others started out as terrorists and later became 'freedom fighters'. These include the Taliban, praised as freedom fighters by both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. In fact the official US archives showed that in Europe most 'terrorism' post WW2 was directly run by the CIA via Operation Gladio... ! Americans need to start asking questions to find out the TRUTH and then start asking why, because most of this is about manipulating THEM into spending their dollars, lining the pockets of arms companies and bankers. As for the real agenda: "Kissinger referred to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. "
Steph Originally Answered: Isn't the US the greatest terrorist today?
Oh yes it showed the world what to expect from the almighty USA when the War Hawks in congress decided to make the Canadians American in 1812 and got their buts kicked all the way to main and new orleans even the French canadians realised they were better off being Canadian than American Yes from 1812 the USA has shown it intended to be the Worlds Bully and is doing a Great No Magnificent Job the USA caused WW2 by putting hitler in power this is in deed a fact and cannot be disputed they caused the conflict In vietnam which was a civil war the same in Korea it was also a civil war which nearly escalated into WW3 with China because of the Arrogance of MacArthur Because the US military used something called the domino effect which never happened it has dictated to countries in south america Iraq Afghanistan and in My opinion WILL cause WW3 and Loose Just look at Cuban Missile Crisis then the USA had the Audacity to want to put US missiles in Poland Please America stop with the Sabre rattling and become Isolationists
Steph Originally Answered: Isn't the US the greatest terrorist today?
The USA is a global problem. Both the EU and the developing SCO enjoy considerably more benign trading environments. The US is controlled by big business, mainly Lockheed Martin (a weapons manufacturer) who I suspect were behind 9/11, so wars would start and their profits would increase. As stupid as this sounds, this is capitalism working "exactly" as it should. Shareholders benefit from genocides. You will not learn this at school... That list shows almost nothing of the fantastic suffering that the US is guilty of causing.

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I repeat myself when under stress I repeat myself when under stress I repeat myself when under stress I repeat... Dude, you really gotta find a new tune. Asking the same question over and over again and expecting different results is a sure sign of mental illness.
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I have one that could be great for you! It's from the play A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro. It's about women serving in the Vietnam War. The character who performs this monologue is an African American woman. Here's a rough transcription: "50,000 Chinese. That's what I titled my report, the one I wrote about the Tet offensive. Because I called it thirty days before! And it said we had better get our act together because THIS is what is facing us, THIS is what is going to happen, and it's going to happen on Tet-- their New Year. Then I ran right into the J-2 with my report, excited as all get out. And the Intelligence Officer gave it to the Colonel, who gave it to the Captain, and the Captain gives it to the Sergeant and then they go into a room and shut the door. My, my, they are gone a long time. And then they all come back... And they say, "No." And I walk out of that office and sit down in my jeep. And for the first time in nineteen years in the Army, I cry. They knew I had the truth! Why wouldn't they listen? Because I called the enemy by an unacceptable name in the damn report? 50,000 Chinese instead of 50,000 Vietnamese? Or 50,000 Vietcong? Is that what was wrong at Headquarters? Calling it like it is?! They ARE Chinese. Or have I got the wrong names? Enlisted Specialist instead of Lieutenant? Woman instead of man? Black instead of white? A Black Woman Specialist announcing that the Chinese are going to clobber the bejesus out of us in thirty days! Well, Tet happened-- on the nose--turning point of the war. And now Tet is history... Hundreds... Thousands... of lost, wasted lives..." I hope this helps! Good luck with your audition!
Paddy Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP! I need 2 contemporary monologues?
Search for monologues at the Internet, there are hundreds of thousands in the market, however make certain you prefer one from a released play, stand-on my own monologues have a tendency to be somewhat ridiculous. With your Classic piece being so particularly dramatic, seem from a few comedy with the latest monologue. Also, attempt to preclude Neil Simon. I'm critical. It'll be convenient to uncover monologues from him given that he is written approximately one million performs, and he is a well playwright, however ANY auditoner could have heard it one million occasions earlier than and it'll be tough for you stand out. I noticed an enterprise journal that indexed essentially the most overused audition monologues, quantity one at the record was once "Any play by way of Neil Simon." Try to uncover anything special.

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