What are some things to keep in mind when writing a book?

What are some things to keep in mind when writing a book? Topic: Distant writing a book
July 18, 2019 / By Abegayle
Question: I'm writing a book about these 2 girls who are best friends. The main character is one of these girls and she is adopted. They are also sisters. When they have to move from their childhood home the girls become upset and the main characters sister is set into depression. Many bad things happen at their new school. The one girl gets a boyfriend then gets crushed by him be ause of one girl that she hates and who hates her. Later on the main character dates this boy and the one girl gets very mad. Then the main character gets her heart broken by the guy and the one girl finds it in herself to forgive her sister. She is relieved of depression. They are still friends but things have become more distant between the girls. One day they go swimming at the local pond and as the one girl goes to do a dive she hits her head and falls into a coma. At this point the main character is feeling so alone in the world that she decides to take her sister being in a coma as an opportunity to find her birth parents. But what she finds isnt what she thought. About a year before the girl was put up for adoption her mother had an affair with another guy. She became pregnant. When her father found out he murdered the Guyana then right after the mother gave birth he murdered her too. I know that was really confusing and there is much more to it but that is the general idea. I have a few ending planned. One is that she can't take it so she goes to see her sister in the hospital and then something happens and her sister has to go in for major surgery but then she wakes up. She comes with the main character to the jail where her father says that she has a sister and that the guy who had an affair with her mother committed suicide and that her mother died while delivering the baby. The main character then works to clear her fathers name and get her sister back. Or I could just make it that she goes looking for her sister, the girl either wakes up or dies and she grows up taking care of her sister and her dad remands in prison. Please tell me what ending you like better and what things I should keep in mind while righting this book. Thank you :)
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Sterling Sterling | 1 day ago
Try to keep in mind that the joy will be in the writing. Publication, fame and money are taboo thoughts. When you write, do it for yourself.
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I don't know what kind of computer you have, but I use StoryMill for Apple. It's perfect for either fiction or nonfiction (I write fiction) it has a very convenient interface, very user friendly. Now it's not free, but it is well worth the price and you don't have to buy the actual software disk, you can download it from the Apple store. That is off course if you have Apple. I had a program for my PC desktop that was called new Novelist, and it was pretty good, but geared more towards fiction. It could be used for non fiction though. There are a lot of programs out there, but I don't know of any free ones, sorry.

Pacey Pacey
my advice. Listen to the character and be ready to make drastic changes to your story. My story isn't done because my character revealed information when I was half done and it changed everything! So be ready for it and let your character choose the ending. Those stories no matter how upsetting are always the best.
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Linden Linden
i think you should choose whatever ending you think is the saddest, and if i was writing the book i would make the ending sad as possible. your story is awesome but you need to remember that the characters are going to need to act as realistic as possible if you want the readers to stay interested. don't over do the whole 'my life is so horrible' thing, most of the time when you overcome depression you think 'why should i care?', but don't make them completely careless. make the character puzzling and hard to predict so that the reader will have to constantly be wondering what will happen next. just be careful and make sure the reader knows the sum of what's going on. readers expect a happy ending or a sad ending so be creative, give them mixed feelings about the ending and all the characters don't let them think "well this guy is evil, this guy is good, and this dude is just pathetic" make them think "well he has a point, he's not a good guy but he isn't bad, wait his enemy isn't a bad guy or good guy either... so are they good or bad?... interesting"
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Jareth Jareth
Always stick to the subject, use good punctuation/grammar, and believe what you write. I like more happy endings. Let her live!
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