Do you recommend a Yorkshire Terrier for a family pet?

Do you recommend a Yorkshire Terrier for a family pet? Topic: Choose a research area that you would like to learn more about
July 18, 2019 / By Abia
Question: I'm getting a Yorkie for my daughter as a surprise. Can you tell me anything about them? Are they good pets?
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Best Answers: Do you recommend a Yorkshire Terrier for a family pet?

Stevie Stevie | 4 days ago
Yorkshire terriers are great pets, but are not recommended for smaller children because they can be very easily injured, even accidentally. If your daughter is older, then it would be fine. Yorkshire terriers do need specialty care. They need to be groomed often, so you need to be prepared to budget that in, or learn to do it yourself. If you do it yourself, you need to learn how to do it properly so you don't damage their skin when doing top knots, etc. Yorkies, like lots of other toys breeds, have tendency to have bad teeth earlier than other breeds. This means dental care is even more crucial, so expect to get regular cleanings, and possible tooth removals. Yorkies are easy to travel with, because of their size. They are also very intelligent, and I have found that if given proper training and if you make it fun, they learn a lot! Yorkies are fearless. They have no problem standing up to bigger dogs, which can put them in danger of getting hurt. So always keep them on leash! They also bark, and are very good at alerting you to people or animals in your yard or at your door. The can be territorial as well, and some actually do not get along with others, but that is true of more than one dog and is based on personality. House training is a factor. Toy breeds tend to be harder to house break. I recommend crate training. Many toy and small dog owners choose paper training, but I have not personally met anyone this has worked well for. If you are getting a dog of any breed, keep these things in mind: As the parent, you will be getting the dog for your family, and it's care will be ultimately your responsibility. Do not get the dog if you are going to get rid of it if your daughter loses interest in it, which happens more often that not. This dog can be in your life for 13-18+years. If the dog is not "perfect," are you willing to work with a trainer/behaviorist to work through the issues to give the dog a fair chance? Are you willing to do the extra work to find dog friendly housing if you ever need to move in the future? Have you done the research on the breed specific diseases, and are you prepared to deal with those financially, should your yorkie wind up with them? Have you done the research into finding a food that is healthy and safe for your dog? This means spending more for a food that will ensure your dog is healthier over the course of his life. (Avoid foods with by products, corn, dyes, artificial preservatives, artificial flavorings, and sweeteners.) If you have looked all of that over, are ready for the responsibility, then a yorkie may be right for you. The next step is locating a yorkie. I highly suggest looking up a Yorkshire Terrier Rescue in your area, you can google it or go to www.yorkietalk.com and search the forums. There are people out there calling themselves "breeders" and should be ashamed. They are just throwing dogs together to make a buck and don't care if the puppies have physical and medical problems later. Do your research. Talk to people who show yorkies to find out who the reputable breeders are and who to stay away from. Stay away from anyone who has lots of puppies at one time...these are puppy mills!
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Paise Paise
you may want to do some research on the breed before purchasing one. your children should be at least 6 (the older the better, especially for smaller breeds). don't get the dog 'for' your daughter unless she has requested it specifically (and again only if she is old enough). expect to have to care for the dog yourself, possibly forever. this goes for all pets. yorkies make fine pets if they are trained and well cared for (again, same for all pets).
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Lindsey Lindsey
Just understand that you'll be doing all the work once the newness wears off. Never buy from a pet store. Here's why..http://stoppuppymills.org, http://saynotopetstorepuppies.com, http://millbusters.com Also, if your daughter is under about 8, get a large breed adult dog.
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Jaron Jaron
All dogs are good pets if you train them good, you should adopt one at an animal shelter, maybe get a black labrador (puppy or adult) I would get a black adult (adopt of course) becuz they are the least picked :) what ever u do just PLEASE always ALWAYS adopt :)
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