What's the best way to handle this?

What's the best way to handle this? Topic: The sisters dish
June 25, 2019 / By Abigail
Question: My sister in law (my husband's brother's wife), whenever we get together at my mother in law's house (and we do this every weekend), almost never helps to clean up, wash dishes and things of that nature, so I end up doing everything by myself. I've been tolerating this for over a year now, but I think it's time for a change. How do I handle it wisely?
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Stewart Stewart | 6 days ago
When its time to do the dishes say... "hey girl common its time to do some cleaning, you do the wiping and I'll do the rinsing". When people dont do things on their own, telling them what and when to do it usually works.
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Pallu Pallu
First of all, if it's your mother in law's house, why are you cleaning up? Or why aren't the husband's helping? Either the host/ess cleans up, or ALL the guests help. Anyway, simply invite your sister in law to help you. "Jane, would you be a dear and give me a hand with this?" Then once you're alone in the kitchen, kindly explain to her that you like giving your mother-in-law a hand when she has guests, and the mother-in-law would be really touched if Jane decided to lend a hand. Start her out right by showing her where everything is (plates, cups, dishwasher, soap, trash, recycle, etc).
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Linton Linton
Stop doing this every weekend; your mother in-law allows this to occur. We should never have to give an excuse for stopping something; just say you don't want to do it anymore. If they care, let them ask you why and be honest. They are not worth your time and relationship if they don't care how you feel. Thanks what I think.
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