Can ANYONE help with severe depression?

Can ANYONE help with severe depression? Topic: Cut up technique writing a letter
June 25, 2019 / By Abigall
Question: I've heard that you can only admit yourself into a hospital if you are a threat to yourself or someone else. I don't feel that I'm at that point yet, but it has crossed my mind. The only thing stopping me is concern for my family- I feel that suicide is extremely selfish. I've tried discussing my problems with others around me. It helps a little, but I think that it's time for drastic measures. I've tried scheduling with a doctor, but my insurance is crap and I have no coverage for mental health. I'm a full time student and lack of funds is a huge issue. I've also tried the counselors at school ( the "quack shack") and it's just that. The only thing they could offer was a bunch of Grad students telling me to do things like, "write a letter to yourself" and "embrace your weaknesses." Pfh. REAL help please?!? Any suggestions from someone with experience? By the way- I was raised Christian and have tried for a year to use "the power of prayer." Yeah, not so much.
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Storm Storm | 8 days ago
The fact that you can think rationally about your depression is a blessing from God. I know it doesn't seem like it right now. The things the Grad students suggested are also the same things that the "mental health professional" will suggest. They are just tools to help you get through the down times so that you can step back and breathe. Has anyone suggested a collage yet? They are actually kinda fun. Just start cutting out random pictures and words and glue them to a paper or poster and when you are finished look and see what emerged. This also is just a tool to get you thru. You may need meds but until that is possible these techniques can help. Keep talking to the counselors and the quack shack as these are your only resources right now. And keep praying. I have much experience with myself and my family. My sister is so depressed that she did try to committ suicide 1 week ago. That's why I said that the fact that you can still be rational about it is a good sign. Don't give up. When you get depressed you have to make yourself do something to turn your thoughts around. Change your surrounding, tell someone, take a shower, make a collage, do something. Stay away from sugar, alcohol, etc. Good luck sweetie. You are not alone.
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Storm Originally Answered: Severe depression and mental breakdown?
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the present. Confusing? If so, sorry. Basically, accept what happened. Own it. Have a real conversation with your mother and whoever else you need to come clean about this to. Begin with "I screwed up big time. This is difficult for me to accept and even share this disappointment with you. I did badly on the tests. BUT, have the opportunity to retake them. Could you please help me get back on track?" That's the first step. Next steps include the action plan: eat healthy (proper times, amounts of each food group), sleep when you should. Adjust your nightly routine so you have plenty of time before bed to wind-down. Avoid t.v., phone and computer the last hour before bed. Read a book you like. Reading always makes me sleepy at night. The long blinks are a sign to turn out the lights and sleep. Do physically active "good for you" things that you like (sports, walking, etc.). Stop dwelling on what you cannot change and turn this into motivation to do better. Talk therapy is good too... see a counsellor or educated psychologist to help you let out the negative, find the positive and stay on track. Meet with a good teacher willing to work with you after classes to help concepts sink in. Ask questions. Talk with the girl you tutored since she's doing well. BUT- when you talk with the people who will help you that are not psych doctors, you must be willing to work or else they won't take you seriously and will not want to help you. Make sure you don't overwhelm them with your "woe is me", "life is unfair" stories. We all have things tough in one way or another... just some people keep it to themselves. Focusing on the negative may seem to come naturally and you can't find the positive... but it's there. I was in a really negative time myself once... I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I felt physically sick right to my core and cried way too easily. That's not a life. Earlier you mentioned suicide... don't even think it. Suicide is a cop out. You probably don't even realize how much pain it causes to the people that know that person. Death will come eventually, our lives are so short anyways and right now is actually the best part of your life because there is so much ahead of you. It's not just going to be given to you like it's a present or something. There is hard work involved, but that's why the reward is so good.

Palu Palu
I can do that... That is my job. In fact you describe a serious and also severe depression but it is very easy to say there are much more severe depression types showing heavy symptoms of depression. My approach your problem might been like these procedures: 1) I wanted to see you for a detailed psychiatric evaluating including your personality and family structure... Your family is an extraordinary family and need to know the causes that it is important your psycho sexual development abnormalities and interpersonal relations in your family.. I don't know your age but your telling has many childish phrases. This may be a sign extreme dependency to your family.... Interestingly, your telling has not so much depressive components, but cheerful scene.. I believe that you have big spiritual pain but your cognitive processing doesn't present these pain in your environment as a classic depression signs...I think this explanation became very complex and a little far from a consequent solution.. SHORTLY I can say you have a moderate-severe maybe lighter. But a psychotherapies approach will be very useful. An anti anxiety agent like alprazolam (0,5 mg twice a day) can be added the main antidepressant like wenlafaxine 75 mg (XR FORM) daytime, single dose at the beginning , and increasing dose response relations. (Usually 150 mg/ day is necessary) But you must see first, your psychiatrist
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Lionel Lionel
Regarding antidepressants - see your doctor - pay out of pocket to see a doc. The appts are few. The expense is the meds. Check your formulary. Regarding therapy - check your county mental health department. You may be able to see someone there depending on your income - shop around for a private therapist. Many do sliding scale. The cost to you for inpatient would fund many sessions.
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Jarvis Jarvis
If you want to be admitted to a psych. unit, tell the ER or psych. unit you are not feeling safe. You feel like you are going to hurt yourself. You said it has crossed your mind in the past. Once you are inpatient, medication(s) can be started or changed if you are already taking them. The social worker at the hospital will help you set up a discharge plan for after care. This could be the beginning of you starting to feel better. Untreated severe depression can intensify. Please do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Best Wishes.
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Fulke Fulke
Mental ailment does journey in genes so it would good be feasible that you're agony from despair, nevertheless it is an incredibly unhealthy proposal to get a prognosis from a web based quiz, despair will also be an incredibly tough factor to diagnose, a standard misdiagnosis is assuming men and women are depressed whilst they're infact bipolar, antidepressants are incredibly unhealthy for men and women who can possibly endure from mania. My recommendation could be to search extra recommendation from a extra actual supply, move on your medical professionals and they are going to provide you a right prognosis, all you'll be able to get on this is men and women guessing with out truthfully figuring out you. One more thing that perhaps valued at citing is despair isn't situated on how well or unhealthy your lifestyles is, it is situated on tons of elements, the chemical for your mind referred to as seratonin is dependable to your temper and occasional stages mainly outcome in despair, theres men and women whos brains with ease underneath produce these things, they would have the ideal lifestyles however nonetheless endure from despair. I'd talk on your health care provider first and spot what he/she says, when you do certainly have despair this will likely be scaled, extreme despair will likely be dealt with with medicinal drugs so that it will up seratonin stages and do tons of different matters, you'll be able to most of the time even have a few counselling, much less extreme despair is ordinarily dismissed through medical professionals in Europe however in America it is dealt with with antidepressants, if the health care provider involves the realization your no longer agony from despair in any respect then do not inform your father and mother, in any other case I'd do not forget discussing it with them after prognosis.
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Fulke Originally Answered: Does chronic severe major depression ever go away?
medication is helpful, but there are 2 forms of therapy which have been shown to help decrease depression in people. 1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - The therapist will help you explore your thoughts and feelings and how they are connected to depressive thoughts and mood. You can work on changing these thoughts through talking to the therapist, practice, and homework. It is a very practical way of dealing with depression. 2. Interpersonal Therapy - The therapist helps you choose an interpersonal problem area (grief/loss, interpersonal deficit, conflict, or change in role) that is related to depression. By working through this problem with the therapist, you will feel less depressed. There is also an exciting new treatment called Mindfullnes Based Cognitive Therapy, which is a group format where people are trained to deal with negative thoughts in a positive manner. I am not giving MBCT justice through my explanation, but it is a wonderful treatment program, designed specifically to deal with the chronic nature of depression and to help prevent relapse. Research has shown that people who are trained in Mindfullness are less likely to experience a relapse of a depressive episode. You may have to deal with low grade depression for the rest of your life, but I think Mindfulness is a good way to decrease the chance the depression kicks in hard again. In addition, mindfullness can help you cope better with negative thoughts, relax, and experience more feelings of well-being and contenetment!

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