How do I stop the inappropriate relationship forming between my children?

How do I stop the inappropriate relationship forming between my children? Topic: How much does the sister wives houses cost
July 18, 2019 / By Abigayle
Question: Well first let me started of by saying in July me and my wife got married, she has a daughter 15 years old and I have son who is 18. They never really met each other much before the wedding except for two occasions that come to mind. After we all moved in together I and my wife started to pick up signs that indicated that our children were a little more interested in each other than we thought a brother and sister should be. My son frequently sleeps in the same bed with her at night and that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is that he sleeps in boxers and I have repeatedly told both of them they are to sleep in their own beds ALONE. Also I happen to have caught my son staring at her breasts or behind and have addressed him on these things and he denies them. As a greeting my daughter normally kisses him on the mouth which I also find quiet awkward. My wife has also noticed that my son almost always has his hands on her in some way or another, a hand on her back, arms around her waist, his fingers in her hair it just seems some what inappropriate. What also seem to bother us is that my son bought my daughter a ring with a diamond in it fo christmas he said it cost him around $700. He gave it her and said it was a trust ring. My wife believe it has some other significant meaning to both of them as she NEVER takes it off her finger. What made me decided to ask for help is the fact that the other day my wife caught them walking through the house and their clothing was dripping wet. So she asked what they had been doing and they told her we were playing in the shower. (18 and 15 year olds should not be playing in the shower together) So she told me they went down into the laundry room and came back upstairs in dry clothing. Wich means they had to have changed downstairs together and have no problem seeing each other naked. My wife and I do not find this to be the type of relationship we want between our children. I would also like to know If you also think this is innapropriate behavior for the two of them and how to stop it from esclating into something more than it already is. Thank you in advance for your time and answers.
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Stu Stu | 9 days ago
From your description, it sounds like they are dating and sleeping together no less. If they are sleeping in the same bed and seeing eachother naked, then there's really no denying it. It's going to be damn near impossible to make them stop seeing eachother. If you trying and make them stop, then they will probably do it behind you and your wife's back. I don't really know what you two can do besides send one of them to live with a relative. Or perhaps since your son is 18, tell him the relationship has to stop or he will have to find is own place to live, in which case your step daughter will most likely end up at his flat. LOL, I don't really know what to tell you here, this is a very sticky situation. Good luck to you
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Pancras Pancras
This sounds like a sticky situation. First of all, I think your suspicions are dead on. They seem to have developed a very intimate relationship. It is by all means, natural especially since they are not blood related. I would advise to create strict rules that must be adhered and respected. The fact that your son is 18 years old classifies him as an adult and, as an adult, he should act as one by respecting your wishes to dismiss advances from any 15 year old, whether it is his step sister or not. He needs to understand that his behavior could lead him to serious accusations if he is indeed having relations with a 15 year old girl; it is not a joke and should be taken seriously, he needs to understand that. I would advice having a conversation with both children and of how it looks from both of you and your wife's perspectives. Explain to them how these behaviors look badly upon them and address the issues you have with them. Then, you and your wife need to set STRICT RULES on how the household will function. Your son needs to especially follow your rules if he wants to remain in your household. If he refuses, I honestly would tell your son to find a new place to live, I do not think it is fair for you and your wife to be observing this kind of behavior from either parties and should be respected. If they want this relationship, by all means, when they are both of adequate age and when THEY have their own house. While they are under YOUR roof, they need to follow YOUR rules. good luck.
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Livy Livy
people who are saying its disgusting aren't exactly helpful. they aren't blood related, it isn't incest, if they have taken a liking to each other its not as wrong as it sounds and they are and were both at an age for relationships when you and your wife got married, and before hand it seems as though they didn't have a sibling relationship due to only meeting a couple of times. with all due respect to your son i think he may be taking advantage of the fact that your wife's daughter is 15, im certain most girls that age will like affection or attention. it could be for any number of reasons. all you can do is sit them down and talk to them about it, you cant change how they feel you can only speak to them in hope of giving them a better perspective and sharing your concerns; as yes, i think it is inappropriate.
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Jashub Jashub
I'm 17 & if your kids are anything like I am then yall see the relationship way different. We moved in with my step dad & brother when I was 14 and he's still more like a friend living here to me then a brother. I do think what they have is kind of innapropriate but how I see it it wouldn't be really all that wrong to do something with my step brother since he's not blood & we didn't grow up like brother/sister.
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Gabby Gabby
This is either a joke question, your you are an idiot! If this is real, they are so into a relationship. It is the perfect situation for an 18 year old. They get to play house because they live in the same house and their parents are so utterly clueless. Luckily they are not genetically related because you might just get yourself a grandchild out of your little situation.
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Den Den
First off it is your own fault for not having the kids meet and get to know each other long before the wedding came along. Second and most importantly your son is committing statutory rape. If caught he can face jail time and have to register as a sex offender.
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Beau Beau
Good luck separating this, as it seems quite deep and connecting between the two... It also makes it hard because of the relationship status between you and your partner. You can address the situation and state how you feel about it all; but in the end if they decide that its what they want, you won't be able to stop it really as its almost impossible to separate them without a massive amount of force and "disciplinary action"
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Zipporah Zipporah
the only thing you really should be worried about is the shower thing. my uncles friend had the same sort of relationship. he said that being in that kind of thing with his sister really helped him with girls in his life. ( no they didn't have sex just kisses)
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No u r doing the wrong thing . And another thing dont allow your x to come in to your house and disrupt your family if he wants to see the kids he can take them out for the day.

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