Need to say something in Spanish. Only spanish speakers please?

Need to say something in Spanish. Only spanish speakers please? Topic: Case spanish
July 18, 2019 / By Abigil
Question: How do I say in spanish: I love latin music too! Thats great that you found a latin band to play at your wedding! How do I say Nice tuxedo in spanish?
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Best Answers: Need to say something in Spanish. Only spanish speakers please?

Stuart Stuart | 10 days ago
¡A mi me encanta la música latina también! ¡Que bien (here you can substitute chévere,padre,chido or buena onda for bien) que encontraste un grupo latino para tocar en tu boda! NOW that second sentence only applies if you are speaking in 3rd person singular. If you are speaking in 3rd person plural (both of the newlyweds) instead of"encontraste un grup latina para tocar en tu boda!" you would say "encontraron un grupo latino para tocar en su boda!" If it is really a tuxedo you would say " Que bonito esmoquin." At least in Mexico that is how one would say it. I don't know what regional dialect your friend speaks, but I would suggest that you say " Que bonito traje" which means "What a nice suit." That way you are covered no matter what a tux is called in your friends native version of Spanish or in the case that he is wearing a morning coat, tails or anything else that is NOT a tuxedo.
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Lon Lon
¡Amo la música latina también! ¡Eso es grande que usted encontró una venda latina para jugar en su boda! and the other one is the same
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