Ok I need some help. (Only ladies answer)?

Ok I need some help. (Only ladies answer)? Topic: I need help writing a birthday card
July 18, 2019 / By Abihail
Question: Ok I have a friends birthday coming up in a month and I want to date her.She is the type that is into reading and things like that,but also has a bit of a funny slightly perverse mind set,but I mean who at 18 doesn't.Anyway her birthday is a month away and I wanted to get the perfect romantic gift for her so that the general idea is there,but it's not as though I'm coming on too strong or so that she doesn't get the wrong idea.
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Best Answers: Ok I need some help. (Only ladies answer)?

Sullivan Sullivan | 1 day ago
Hi, Don't worry, a romantic gift can never give her the wrong idea! If she loves reading, then she is sure to appreciate something that is subtle but effective. Try this book. The perfect way to tell her your feelings without feeling hot under the collar. http://www.pressies4princesses.co.uk/girly-books/the-love-book.shtml All girls love jewlery. Go for something that is uncommon like romantic heart-shaped jewelery - she can't fail to notice the significance http://www.pressies4princesses.co.uk/UK-handmade-jewellery/red-murano-heart-pendant.shtml Make her laugh yet blush with this cute teddy bear that also carries your personalized message, engraved on its body. http://www.pressies4princesses.co.uk/tinned-teddy-bear.shtml Make her a handmade card and write your feelings for her in it. If you have some special photographs of the two of you of some memorable occasion, stick it onto the card Good luck and hope I was of help!
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Sullivan Originally Answered: How to fix this? What should I do, LADIES, please answer?
Wow, you have been pursuing this girl for weeks as I answered the first part of your question some time ago. Hon, you have made your intentions more than clear. She's just not that into you. Also, if she just broke up with someone she might not be ready to get involved again this soon. Back off, give her some time and maybe she will give you a hint that she is interested. If she doesn't, look elsewhere. sorry..
Sullivan Originally Answered: How to fix this? What should I do, LADIES, please answer?
Seriously, forget her. She sounds stuck up, immature and unable to make up her mind. Find someone else who is real and treats you the same with or without her friends because she obviously has some Identity problems. I wouldn't waste my time if I were you. Sure, it will be hard to just forget her but maybe when she's over her own issues she'll realize what she missed out on. Then you can point and laugh at her (just kidding) :D
Sullivan Originally Answered: How to fix this? What should I do, LADIES, please answer?
NO! You requested this approximately an hour in the past. I will repeat my reply for you due to the fact it did not sink within the first time: "Unwrap the time desktop you acquired for christmas and return to 1953. We had a Revolution forty years in the past. Women and guys at the moment are EQUAL. You it sounds as if do not know this due to the fact that you may have your sexist head up your....." You're repetition of this question suggests that you simply discover it a laugh. In truth, it is not.

Parker Parker
Something out of the ordinary from a local antique store, maybe. Women like it when it's obvious that your gift is unique to their taste and when it isn't something that all the other dames have because it's on every shelf at the common Rite Aid. Something that isn't generic, or from a mainstream store is usually best for those types of girls.
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Parker Originally Answered: OK Ladies. PLAYGIRL?
Actually, the almost-dressed guys in fashion magazines are frequently more fun to look at then what playgirl publishes. Where do they get their models?! Playgirl is a lousy magazine, in my opinion. Sounds like you are thinking about starting a ladies magazine? An improvement would be one that had good essays (not about how to lose 10 lbs or cook a damn casserole) written by contemporary journalists on current events, travels, humor, etc. There would be a bodice-ripper fiction review section, including statistics of what percentage of each book was porn and what was story. (ex. New Hamilton- 60% erotica, 40% story) The male models would be varied in age, size, and race. Actors, musicians, cops and firefighters, college students, guy off the street- no one unattractive, or disturbingly old or young, but not 25 pages of Ben Afflec clones. We need variety! Instead of pin up fold outs, we should get detachable playing cards of hotties so we can collect a deck eventually. There should also be a feature on the single ladies scene in various cities. This feature should be written by a single woman who actually went there and partied, and is willing to publish the pictures to prove it. *edit* Did I mention erotica? It could be serialized.
Parker Originally Answered: OK Ladies. PLAYGIRL?
I used to read it when I was in my 20's when the magazine first came out. I liked looking at the gorgeous guys. The only magazines I am even interested in now are Newsweek, Mental_Floss and a couple of decorating ones. You wouldn't catch me reading Cosmo or any other "Women's" magazine. I think they are all trash. Look at the covers the next time you are in a supermarket line. They all have photos of gorgeous cakes or desserts on them, and in large type: LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS with whatever diet they are hyping inside. Don't even get me started on Cosmo...total crapola.

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