I'm completely incapable of writing a happy poem?

I'm completely incapable of writing a happy poem? Topic: What is content writing skills
July 18, 2019 / By Abishag
Question: I have been told that I write amazing poetry and I have won many awards. But, just sitting here, I have discovered I'm completely incapable of writing a joyful poem. I have great ideas for poems but, they are all dark. I'm considered a very dark person in general but, I was just wondering why do you think I can't write a happy poem? Because of my personality? And when I mean dark, I mean prodigiously dark. I have been compared to Edger Allen Poe to many times in my life (even though to me that is one of the greatest honors)
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Swithin Swithin | 4 days ago
Wow, it's great that you have such awesome poetry skills! I'm pretty sure it's ok not being able to write happy poems, because the darker poems generally have more meaning to them than just bliss/joy, depending. Maybe you just like expressing yourself in this way than in the blissful, everything-is-beautiful way. It could be your personality too, but I'd be willing to bet that the darker, more gloomy setttings of your poems feels a lot more intriguing to you than the happier poems. Maybe you feel that those straightforwardly joyous poems feel too corny and soppy, therefore you use poetry to describe those changing clouds on the horizon rather than the neverchanging sun. Also, think about this, and you will see what I mean: Say, for example, you have a nice day. It passes by you, you feel content, stuff like this happens on many days so it is not special. But then, someone comes along and starts dissing you. You're going to remember the angry, humiliated feelings that are active rather than the happy ones that, while nice, are more passive and common. Now think about that day as a bowl of cereal. It doesn't matter if it's full of really tasty Frosted Flakes, because all you're going to be focusing on is that dead beetle in the middle. That single beetle is enough to ruin your frosted flakes, and you're going to remember that beetle a lot better than some Frosted Flakes you have every day anyway. Hence, it's a lot easier to focus on and write about negative emotions than positive ones.
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Swithin Originally Answered: Happy poem?
I agree with Green, but I wouldn't have been so harsh. If this is homework, which I'm sure it is, you should be doing it at... well... it's self explanitory... you should do it at home and on your own. But, here's an idea: Out in the bright sun, I'm where I want to be. Riding on my horse, It's my only destiny. Clearly, I like horses, so i wrote about that. But, I don't normally write on that topic. My poems go more along the lines of "depressing" ~Chie

Pat Pat
Well, like you said, Poe never wrote a happy poem and look at how famous he is. Anyone that went through middle school or knows anything about poetry or literature knows who he is. If that is just the kind of poetry you write, then that is fine.
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Loren Loren
i've got mentioned it (many situations) until eventually now, and that i will say it back; i will supply it my terrific shot yet i'm no longer able to promise that's going to be good: wish is the extreme shining gentle which keeps darkness on the bay wish is the gentle chilly breeze on a warm summer season day wish is to proceed to be helpful while it gets hard wish is calling for extra while others think of of having sufficient wish is dreaming of day after today wish is simmering decrease than sorrow wish is glints while tears in our eyes wish is a eye-catching subject & eye-catching issues under no circumstances dies wish is as gentle as a feather wish keeps all of us mutually wish is ubiquitous and freed from value wish is the final subject ever lost..... i did no longer write it whether it is in certainly one of my poetry books and that i concept i could share it, I promise i attempted, however the words does not come, so I have been given you the 2d terrific subject if that's happy with you?
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Jay Jay
I don't think you should stress about that too much. My guess is that you just have a darker, edgy style of poetry, and I think you should be proud of that, to have a distinct style. I wish I could have a "style". I just kind of scrabble all over the place. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Personally, I find darker poems and the night much more compelling then cheery poems that are often cliche and artificial. I advise you to continue with what comes easiest to you, because poetry is an expression of yourself. By the way, I adore reading/commenting on poems. My email address is [email protected] if you would like some feedback on some of them.
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Gadiel Gadiel
All you have to do is think about the happiest thing that's ever happened to you and describe it in a poem. Just describe your emotions at the time of the event, and put it on paper
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Gadiel Originally Answered: Why is my writing always MUCH better when i completely rewrite?
Well, isn't it pretty obvious? The whole purpose of re-write is to make a better job of something. Your first version is just a first draft, and the purpose of draft is that it gets better with each version you create. This afternoon, I saw an interview with the author Robert Harris, who wrote 'Fatherland', 'Enigma' and many other bestselling novels. He mentioned in passing that everything he has ever had published was re-written by him "ten or eleven times". The first draft is basically a matter of spewing words on to the page and getting that story down on paper. It's not supposed to be perfect. After that, you do multiple rewrites and edits until it's perfect. Think of your first draft as the rough clay shape of a sculpture, the basic structure. Your subsequent drafts are refining that rough shape as a sculptor refines his statue. So, basically, what you're describing is normal, and the way almost any decent writer works. The writers who claim they can just get their story down perfectly the first time are bad writers who lack the critical ability to see that their work is rotten.

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