How do i track my social security number?

How do i track my social security number? Topic: How to write a social history report
July 18, 2019 / By Abital
Question: I have already placed a credit freeze on my credit reports. so no fraud can happen. however, i still want to see my credit inquiry history; well, my credit history, period. i want to see every thing my social has been used for or tried to be used for. how do i do that?
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Swithun Swithun | 5 days ago
Go to annualcreditreport.com Everyone is entitled to one free report a year from all 3 credit reporting agencies - Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. This is different from the commercials you see for freecreditreport.com. That site requires a credit card number and although it's free for the first month or so, you have to remember to go back and cancel your membership or they will charge your card. annualcreditreport.com will not show your credit score, in case you are looking to see that, but it will show any accounts, revolving, bank, loans, etc, that are open under your name and/or anyone else's name who has also used your social security number. If you have been a victim of identity theft, you will need to write to all 3 agencies to have things removed from your card that were used by someone else under your SS#. Believe me, I know--it happened to me almost 20 years ago and it took 5-6 years to get it all straightened out. Maybe these days it's not as difficult to clear things up, who knows. But good luck to you!
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Swithun Originally Answered: Social Security Number? Is it possible i can locate or get details from this number?
Yes, you can do that. Just go to the website for the state. Find the department of Human Resources (or some department similarly named). This Department is usually the State Authority that manages The Office of Child Support Services (OCSS). OCSS is a Judicial Authority that can serve warrants, subpoenas, garnish wages, etc including tracking down and putting dead-beat dads in jail. I live in Georgia and here is an example. http://ocse.dhr.georgia.gov/portal/site Click on the text that says "Apply for Services and open (start) a case against him.
Swithun Originally Answered: Social Security Number? Is it possible i can locate or get details from this number?
If you have this persons name as well as the SS#. Get in touch with the Army's J.A.G. (Judge advocate generals) office located on any army base, The army takes a dim view on a person who abandons his family. On thing if this person is a civilian then you will need to go though the courts. Hope that helps.

Patrick Patrick
Go to freecreditreport.com or some such. That's the closest you'll get to finding out where your SS# has been used. Then find a translator to help you understand it all. If you've had much go to collections, you may have duplicate accounts/reports on your record, and you'll need to match them up. Anything that is suspect- any loan that you don't remember doing, mainly- needs to be reported/disputed. The lenders for those loans that you didn't take out will need to prove to the credit reporting agencies that it really was you that signed for it.
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Lorin Lorin
I don't believe your question is clear. There's no index of the use of your Social Security Number.
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Lorin Originally Answered: Is it okay if I dont want my parents to have my social security number?
Are you sure that you are 17? No it is not right you spoiled brat. Why shouldn't your parents have your SSN? You do know that they applied for you to get it, right? And that by law they need it to file income taxes.Do they have medical insurance that covers you? Do you plan on going to college?

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