Haven't got any letters from my bf yet at basic training?

Haven't got any letters from my bf yet at basic training? Topic: Can you write letters basic training
July 18, 2019 / By Abra
Question: My bf is in Fort Sill. Oklahoma for his basic training and he left last Wednesday. Now its Monday and I haven't got a letter telling me his address. He was in reception for about 2 weeks. He left Wednesday morning and we texted each other before he left and he said he will text me the address but I never received it. I checked the mail and I see no letters from him. I also heard that they give the soldier a card and they write a address only one and then their address and send it . If he did that most likely he'd send it to his parents and I can't contact his parents because we're in different states. He has my address so I want to know when will I get a letter from him? Or will I get one? If not then when is he available to call me because I'm growing more sadness waiting. I know he's probably dying without my letters so I need his address but I haven't gotten any yet. Pleeeaaasseeeer HELP !!!
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Sybald Sybald | 6 days ago
He may be too busy to be able to write or email you. It is just a question of being patient or contacting his parents. They would probably be named as his next of kin. It may cost you the price of a toll call.-Chetak
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Sybald Originally Answered: How long does it take someone in army basic training to get letters?
They might just not have recieved it yet. When my husband was in Basic he would get like four or five letters one day and then nothing for a while. And I wrote him everyday. Sometimes it just gets backed up. After a while it should start to form a pattern. Good luck!

Patsy Patsy
He spends about 5 days in In-Processing. Then after the weekend, on Monday, they march him and others to their Basic Training Unit. Once there, they give them hell all day. Then in the evening, they give them their mailing address. And for the rest of the time he's there, they work him from about 0430 (4:30 am) until about 2100 or 2200 hours (9 or 10 pm). Once he has his address and some free time (which is very little) he can send you mail. Just wait and keep writing him. Once you have his address, send him all of your letters.
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Lorn Lorn
Please don`t be selfish. He`s going through reception and training, tough stuff, and you expect him to send a letter? Do you really think he`s going to have that much free time? Send him letters every day, and don`t do it because you expect a letter in return. You`ll get his address in due time.
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Jayden Jayden
I just called his Commander and your BF has been kind of busy for the past week. He promised me that your BF will write when he gets a chance.
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Gaige Gaige
Your Friend is still checking in and getting think in order. When they give him some person time I'm sure he will contact you and everybody. You can also ask his family how he doing also.
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Gaige Originally Answered: How long BASIC TRAINING LETTERS ASAP?
That's better. When you mail a letter to Basic, it goes through the regular US Postal Service. When it gets to the Army post, ir will have to get sorted there too, just like how regular local post offices sort the mail for their zip code(s). Sometimes the unit has to go to the post office to pick up mail; sometimes it is delivered. It all goes to the Company. Someone at the Company sorts it into Platoons. The Drill Sergeant then picks it up at the end of training to deliver it to the Soldiers. Sometimes, mail falls through the cracks. Sometimes, a Soldier will get 10 letters all at the same time. You could send your next letter with insurance, a tracking number, or signature request. It costs more, but you could at least tell that it made it to his post. If you are in touch with his family, see if any of them are having similar problems. Or you could send it FedEx or UPS, which will look a little weird, but it would get delivered.

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