Should I pay $50/month for web hosting?

Should I pay $50/month for web hosting? Topic: Business plan for a media company
June 21, 2019 / By Ada
Question: Hi, I am running an eCommerce business that requires a regular web server with PHP and databases. I know most of the popular hosts out there charge $4/month for stuff like this. But this particular company (not going to mention the name or else Yahoo might think this is an advertisement), says that they have more than 500,000 websites hosted, is specialized in business web hosting, guarantees 100% uptime, has 24/7 customer support, and basically says that they are "premium business hosting" and their pitch is that for $50/month you get the best quality hosting for your business (compared to $4-8/month). This is NOT dedicated server hosting. Just regular web hosting, but they have everything. Is this worth it? Would you do it for your business?
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Tad Tad | 10 days ago
No, it's not worth it for regular shared hosting. It should be at least VPS hosting for that price. All of these http://www.webhostingtable.com/ hosts have more than 500,000 websites hosted and are on average over 10 years in business, but they all cost less than $10/month. If you need something better than shared hosting (for example if you have hundreds of thousands of monthly customers you should definitely get something better) I recommend to check Media Temple's or Slicehost's VPS plans.
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Pearce Pearce
Well , there is hostgator , google host yahoo and godaddy. But the most recommended and best web host so far is www.networkjuicehosting.com ; Network Juice. They now offer plans starting around $0.99 for 5GB of diskspace plus everything else unlimited. Plus they've manage to keep up 99% Uptime. They have all features such as Cpanel , Fantastico , Cron Job , Apache ,Unlimited Dadabase , ftp accounts and much more. There are other affordable plans as well in Networkjuicehosting.com. Hostgator.com is also a great host , but there Uptime time is not so good. Also , customer service is very poor. Google.com not so sure , But i know there's lots of files they do not support , no Cpanel , and i don't know how come , but they have been receiving downtimes lately in their host servers. yahoo , let me just say it's the worst web host ever To buy a domain , the most recommended site is godaddy , but not for it's hosting!! I Tell you !!!. For a Great Affordable web host with maximum features , the most recommended host is www.networkjuicehosting.com . That's all I got to say mate ;)
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Louie Louie
Absolutely not. That is way too expensive. I pay $8.99 a month for premium hosting also with 100% uptime and 24/7 support. The company charges $19.99 for dedicated server.
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Jaylin Jaylin
Hello I would recommend Bluehost. This is the list of the cheapest and most reliable web hosting providers where you can host your small business and personal websites.We've reviewed all these web hosting providers for your easy selection.We are a non-profit organization .Check it out here: http://top50webhosting.org
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Gale Gale
Just Visit this link and find best hosting services provider companies name and also, price. - http://www.webhostingmadness.com/
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Derby Derby
I heard www.choopa.com is the best around. Try them out and mention my Name. maybe they cut you a deal since I have business with them.
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Benjamin Benjamin
hi now a days most webmasters using webhosting pad bcoz less expensive and reliable ---------------------------- http://bestwebhostingslist.com ---------------------------- good luck!
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