What one should i get?

What one should i get? Topic: Make my case samsung
May 26, 2019 / By Adallina
Question: ok well i like all these phones but i am not sure which one to get- Nokia 7373 LG KF510 Samsung G600 Can you give me advise on which one to get and why please :) Thankyou x
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Taffy Taffy | 2 days ago
I sell wireless phones for a major national retailer (can't say who) I took a look at all three phones. First DO NOT GET the Nokia 7373, because it is NOT a QUAD BAND phone ( basically this allows your phone to get better and stronger signals in certain areas) Usually Nokia have always been very durable phones. But the Nokias 7373 has technology that not on the same level as the other two models, and less features. The LG KF510 has all the features of the other two phones, plus a few extras. But these extra won't make much of a marked difference if you are an active user who is a talker, and likes to listen to music. The reason I say that, is because the LG has only 30 minutes more talk time, for twice the stand by time as the Samsung G600 (moments when the phone is NOT being used) This make no sense whatsoever. The built-in FM radio requires that you buy another very expensive headset. The camera is a lower quality resolution. It does offer a image stablizer, if you have a shaky hand when you're taking pictures... but I doubt that. Out of all three phones, I would recommend that you get the Samsung G600. Here's why in one word; MORE. As more internal memory on the phone. More Memory on a SD card (up to 4GB) which means you can make a ton of home videos in high quality, and still have room let over for your ringtone. The camera has MORE resolution. (5MP per inch... the average person needs no more than 3MP for a decent picture) More durability, and reliable signal processing. You can hold MORE CONTACTS in your phone book (1000!! if you're that popular) It also offers Five(5) different applications that you can use in the business world, if need be. You'll get MORE Bang for your Buck with the Samsung G600. By the way, for such a great phone that is loaded with features for the money... think about putting HANDSET INSURACE on it, in case some happens to steal it, or break it by doing something like, ooh... drop it in the toilet?? $3-$5 a month is better than paying FULL PRICE (which is $300-$400 depending on where you shop) If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me
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Pekahiah Pekahiah
i'd say either the LG or the samsung. if it were my decision i would go for teh LG. It has an overall classier appearance. :)
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