Lebanon : please complete this?

Lebanon : please complete this? Topic: The sisters lebanon
July 18, 2019 / By Adamina
Question: I would die (to/for) : @ amo: no he's not mine :D, he's my nephew :D , my sister's baby :D, the first in the family :D
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Tahath Tahath | 3 days ago
I would die for.... Lebanon Islam Imam Ali a.s Sayyed Hassan allah ye7mie somone I love w you tab3an :) yeh I forgot my avatar :P Hezbollah
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Tahath Originally Answered: Lebanon Category , what are your preferences.?
Ask my sister! I've turned her into being phobic of hugs (hehehe). Or maybe just her older sisters hugs :( I'm extreamly affectionaite! Although only to females. I'm not the slightest bit affectionaite to males (unless ov course he is my husband) so for now I'm just affectionaite to females and males who are younger then me because they are classified as adorable! I love closeness! I wouldnt consider myself to at to be distant at all! Although, it depends on the person. I can always tell who I can be close with and who I can't by their hugs! If its warm like the one I give them, then they most likely wouldnt feel awkward by my affection. Although if its one of those hugs were its like they think they are hugging a delicate eggshell... then maybe they arent the type I should be sharing affection with... so thats when I TRY to keep my distance loool. Although my father on the other hand! Well, its always fun to watch the looks he gets. I think he's one of the only men living in a non-arab country who insists on kissing every man he greets... whether the guy is arab or not! What makes it even funnier, is that he completely thinks its normal in AU. Oh well, people will just think hes italian :P... unless they are fully aware that this is how lebanese men greet eachother.

Perce Perce
Hmm.. I would hope and pray, we all that are in Lebanon Category find THE true love in life... that is worth dying for : )
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Lovell Lovell
I would die for a chocolate fondant with on top a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drowning with hot fudge sauce
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Jaymes Jaymes
i would die just to know is this little cute baby is yours :) Ohh how nice you are kalto now :) I will be too this summer Now I will think that I must think of some thing else to die for which usually I don’t think offfffff
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Gallagher Gallagher
la Lebanon and for islam i love LebanonLebanon LebanonLebanon
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Gallagher Originally Answered: Israelis, Peace with Lebanon?
Israel would gladly make peace with Lebanon. However, the only thing preventing it is Hezbollah (and Iran and Syria by extension). Since Hezbollah grips Lebanon in the you-know-where, and takes its orders from Iran, I don't see how Lebanon could make peace with Israel. It's good that there are peaceful people on both sides trying to promote peace (or at least co-existence). The trouble is those other people who object it, and in Lebanon's case - they're the ones holding the bigger guns.

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